Permit For Liquors In Texas

The market for alcoholic beverages in San Antonio is fierce. Between the restaurants and nightspots of Riverwalk and other downtown venues to liquor stores and local watering holes in other neighborhoods, making and selling alcoholic products is prime business. Unfortunately, the Republic of Texas doesn’t make it easy to obtain an alcohol permit in an easy fashion. And the time it takes to obtain a liquor license San Antonio TX style can cost businesses their customers, sales, and a prime location.

This is why you may want to consider an organization which helps navigate the complicated system to be approved for an alcohol permit. Some companies, such as Texas Alcohol Consulting, greatly cut the amount of time to obtain a TABC permit from both the state as well as a city like San Antonio. On average, licensing for alcoholic sales and creation can take up to six months if you go through normal, state government channels. By utilizing independent consulting services one can reduce this time to approximately 60 days. For cities like San Antonio, permits make take a bit longer to approve.

Of course, how quickly these alcohol consulting firms works depends on their customers. Sellers and mixers should realize when reviewing these organizations they aren’t going to receive a permit within a week’s time of the request. While they ease the path to a liqor license they don’t make it a speedway. This is why businesses should contact alcohol consulting firms several months out to ensure all paperwork is properly filed. In addition, by starting out early, any bumps on the path can be smoothed out and corrected without further delay.

For those who feel paying an alcohol consulting firm is not within their budget, think of the advantages of obtaining a permit sooner than later. First is popularity, especially with venues that serve speciality drinks. For an organization which is always looking for the next innovation, obtaining a liquor license brings in customers. Second is revenue. Serving or selling a range of alcoholic products, from standard to top shelf, can increase annual sales by 20 percent. This is why it’s better to be pro-active now in approving a license than waiting until the last minute.

Installing Wooden Flooring in Your Home

Interior design is much like fashion with different trends coming and going. Hardwood floors in a home are something that has made resurgence over the last decade, and one of the most popular reasons for this is the looks that can be achieved, as well as the practicality. If you are considering renovating your home, then you may wish to consider installing wooden floors to enhance your living space. Here are some things that you will need to consider before you make a decision.

  • Work Out Your Budget

It is important that you have a budget that you can afford to spend and choose the type of flooring, as well as who will install it, accordingly. You will want to choose a material to add a touch of class to your home, and still afford to be able to have it professionally installed, so that you can achieve the desired effect.

Shopping around is essential to get the best price possible and an excellent place to start is to ask friends and family for recommendations. There are also plenty of websites that have reviews of companies and tradesmen where you can read about peoples first had experiences with specific companies. An excellent tool to assist you with choosing a professional company from which to purchase your flooring.

  • Affordable Wooden Floors

The cost of new wooden flooring can be split into two parts, the cost of the materials, and the labour cost for installation. The cost of the flooring can be pretty standard, and prices start at about the same level as a midrange carpet. It is worth your time to shop around to get the best possible deal, and you should speak to a leading timber supplier specialist like Market Timbers. Shopping around will be able to save you some money that you will be able to put towards the installation of your floor.

  • Preparation and Laying Of Your Floor

Unless you have a lot of experience at DIY projects, you may wish to use the services of a professional company to prepare and lay your wooden floors. Preparing the surface first is important, and it will take an expert to look at the sub-floor and see if it is level enough. If not, further preparation will be required before you can install your floors. If the surface is not flat and level, then this will show when the boards have been installed, so it is much better to get the job done properly.

  • Taking Care of Your Floor

If you purchase a high-quality hardwood floor for your home, then it is relatively easy to maintain. Spillages will be much easier to clean up, and you will not have to worry as much about stains. There is some excellent advice on the Readers Digest website which will show you how to care for your wooden floors correctly. Rather than having to use a vacuum cleaner, you can clean your floors efficiently with a brush and save some money on your electric bill. Even with high traffic areas of your home, if you take good care of your floor and look after it correctly, it will look fantastic for a long time to come.
Do you have more ideas in your mind? Write them down in the comment section.

Winter Purging for 2017

As soon as the weekend started, I changed into my comfy PJs, took some fresh garbage bags, readied the cleaning tools and I started purging for 2017. Since I have read about the KonMari method of organizing and decluttering, I told myself to try it come 2017. I even started alienating myself from stuff that hold sentimental value. I just wanted to be practical, let go of the things that held be back, make some room, minimize and only have the essentials.

The KonMari method is rather controversial, unorthodox, and simply hard to follow especially for someone like me who would usually get attached with certain things given by family and friends. However, I like how Marie Kondo, the lady behind the ruthless method of tidying and organizing put her method into perspective of only keeping things that bring joy, thus eliminating unwanted objects that one day may become hazardous or problematic.

The first hour of clearing my stuff proved to be the most difficult as I started staring at the stuff we’ve amassed over the years. Most of them were untouched for many years, gathering dust, and actually forgotten. I wondered how I could have possibly bought all of them without recalling when, where and why. I told myself the habit of shopping mercilessly has to stop, no ifs and no buts.

I looked at old stationery supplies I have bought in the US and they were unopened. Another look at them made me almost repulsive of my utter weakness when it comes to hoarding stationery and art supplies. That has to change – and the stash had to go.

Next were my art supplies which where everywhere in my room. Since most of them bring me happiness, I decided to keep all and put them in 4 small transparent containers where I will see the contents. They are now all next to my study table as compared to the last time where I had to find the brushes, the coloured pens, the pads, and so much more. Now, they are all within reach.

I changed my study table too and made it a bit broader where I could put my itty-bitty printer and other stuff needed for my blogging and art. The old laptop table is now used as a console table in our bedroom.

I am not done cleaning yet. I am scheduling another batch of clearing next weekend as I tackle my dresser and closet. This will be very tricky as most of my article of clothing are bought in nice boutiques. Most of my clothes too are for office wear and I need to have several to mix and match. However, I am planning to send my old clothes back home where my nieces can use them. Problem solved! I am still having doubts about clearing my closet though. But, I need to commit to a minimal lifestyle. I am done with hoarding and buying stuff. My new rule now is, when I buy something new whether it is a garment, shoes or supplies, I have to make sure that they will be used instantly and that one of my clothing or shoes or supplies need to go.

Well, that’s my winter purging! I have more purging to do and may eventually need a “balikbayan box” to send my other stuff back home. For now, I just want to see a clean, tidy, and well organized room and space.

Creating Customized Gifts for Friends

Coming up with impressive gifts for family members and friends can be challenging. If you are tired of getting your friends the same common items for special occasions, then consider these fun ideas instead. Friends and family members will be delighted to see the effort that you have put into these gifts.

Give Favorite Items
One unique idea is to gift your friends with a bag of your favorite items. You can put your favorite lipstick, perfume, body lotion and other small items in a gift bag and pass out to friends. If you want to host a party, then you and your guests could each contribute one of your favorite items to the bag. Each guest would leave with a gift bag full of new items to try. You and your friends would all have the chance to find new products to fall in love with.

Become Crafty
You can also try to create a personable gift for your friend or family member. Creating a gift gives you an opportunity to make a customized item. For example, if your friend loves pug dogs, then you can use pug fabric to make a tote bag, pillowcase or other item. The options for designing a personalized gift are almost endless. You could also monogram your gift. A quick online search will yield dozens of ideas that will help you create a perfect gift.

Host an Exchange
One way to make giving gifts even more fun is to host a gift exchange. You and your friends may want to play some type of game to exchange your presents. For example, you can play a game where everyone brings a gift and then recipients are given the chance to steal gifts from one another. Other games also allow for trading or exchanging of gifts. These fun games can become holiday traditions among groups of friends or family members.

Giving gifts to family and friends is an exciting part of special occasions. Whether you are celebrating a holiday or a birthday, you can take the opportunity to express appreciation for the special people in your life with a thoughtful gift.


Make Your Home Eco-Friendly With The Use Of Organic Products

It’s a given fact that household cleaning products, such as laundry detergent and dish soap, contain chemicals that aren’t healthy for your family or the environment. Sometimes the packaging doesn’t list the potential dangers posed by the ingredients. What this means is that you could inhale chemicals that trigger an allergic reaction or get a chemical burn. it’s always a good idea to educate yourself when you buy cleaning products. Learn about the ingredients in chemical cleaners or go the organic route to avoid harmful chemicals altogether.

There are many organic and non-chemical cleaners on the market that perform just as well, if not better, than their chemical counterparts. In fact, one company brought their first organic and biodegradable product on the market in 1959. That company? Amway. That was their first product of many to offer environmentally safe ingredients and reduce or eliminate the potential for an allergic reaction. Since then, Amway has committed itself to offering the best and safest products for cleaning the home.

This commitment has come home to roost as consumers turn away from harsh chemicals. People are tired of hurting themselves and their environment just to stay clean. The infographic below talks about the rise in popularity of eco-friendly household cleaners and why. It also offers a few easy tips to help make the transition from chemical to organic cleaners and create a clean and safe home.

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