Monitoring your children: Whatsapp monitoring app for kids safety and much more



We can’t deny the importance that social media holds in our lives. Where we use channels like Facebook and Instagram to showcase our lives to people, other channels such ‘Viber’, ‘Skype’ and ‘Line’ let us communicate with people living continents away. These apps have made communication so easy that not only can we get in touch with someone in seconds we can easily share the happenings in our lives by sending pictures and videos and can express ourselves more effectively. Although there are many communication apps available in market, none of them beat the success of ‘Whatsapp’

What is Whatsapp and why is it so popular?

Whatsapp is a messaging and call platform that along with providing easy communication allows you to share pictures, videos, music and various files with ease. The app is very user friendly and is easy and convenient to use. Unlike many similar apps, users do not have to go through a lot of hassle to message someone. The calling feature of Whatsapp is also very easy to use and allows a seamless conversation between the two parties. Over the years, the app has seen many positive changes that made it far more reliable and convenient to use. Some of the other interesting features of Whatsapp include group chats and voice notes. The groups are easy to make and provide an excellent platform for a group chat. The voice note option is also extremely handy in situations where one cannot type and or needs to describe something in detail. These voice notes have no limit and can be as lengthy as 10 minutes.

Because of its simple interface and convenience to use, Whatsapp is highly popular amongst people of all ages. Unlike some other apps like ‘Snapchat’ that are mostly popular amongst teenagers, Whatsapp has a large market that caters people of all age groups and professions. Many organizations use the ‘group chat’ option of the app to provide a platform for all their employees to stay in touch.

Privacy options of Whatsapp and what can go wrong?

In the past few years, Whatsapp has indeed stepped up its game in terms of privacy. You can hide your picture and status from people who are not in your contact list. You may also hide your ‘last seen’ from others and easily block people. The problem is, that for adults these privacy features are sufficient, for children they are not. Firstly, a stranger can send your children inappropriate pictures easily and there is no option that can stop them from downloading those files. Being young and naïve, they open those pictures without thinking. Predators and stalkers may also easily manipulate children by sending messages and voice notes.

The ease of use that Whatsapp provides has many advantages, but unfortunately this very advantage can also serve as a disadvantage. The easy communication can lead to sharing of personal data with untrustworthy people and can encourage indecent acts like sexting. Whatsapp because of its features can serve as a tool for manipulation

How can you make Whatsapp safe?

If you are looking for a Whatsapp monitoring app for kid’s safety and much more, then there is a lot to find on the market. These apps let you regulate your child’s phone, allowing you to go through their phone’s data and giving you an access to apps, galleries and contacts. Almost all the tracking apps allow you to monitor Whatsapp. You can check who your children talking to and what kind of messages, photos, videos and voice notes they sent and receive. Whatsapp is used by many cyberbullies to carry their heinous acts, you can instantly stop it from happening to your kid by keeping a check on their chats and blocking whoever is trying to harass your kid.

Whatsapp isn’t the only platform that is unsafe for the kids. With so many social media channels, children are most likely to be targeted by cybercrimes. As a responsible parent it is your duty to keep your child safe from them and a tracking app can really be helpful in that regard. Therefore, there are many companies that provide a Whatsapp monitoring app for kids and much more.


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Tips to Choose the Right Air Condition Unit For Your Home

Regulating your home’s cooling system and buying a new air conditioner are not the sexiest topics. However, giving them careful thought will help you choose the right-sized air conditioning unit for your home.

Save Money

When an air conditioner is too large for the space it cools, you waste money on excess cooling capacity that you never use. On the other hand, if you buy a unit that’s too small, your monthly energy bills will skyrocket because the system must overwork itself to maintain the temperature you set on your thermostat. It will also break down faster because of the increased wear and tear, which means the total cost of ownership increases.

If you’re not sure what size unit would be good for your home, consider hiring a trained HVAC technician to evaluate your home and choose the perfect AC unit. Even if you’re just replacing an existing unit, factors such as your family size and the types of appliances you use can impact the size recommendation from your HVAC contractor. Plus, if you add on to your home or renovate it, your sizing needs will change.

Maintain Humidity


 Image via Flickr by Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine

Many people forget that proper humidity can mean the difference between a comfortable and miserable home. If your home’s HVAC system is too big, you may have humidity issues, especially if you live in the South or near a body of water.

When an air conditioner runs, it removes moisture from the air. If your AC is too big, it won’t run often enough to curtail humidity. High humidity in your home can extend fabric drying time and create a perfect environment for mold growth. Mold can cause numerous health issues, and moisture in the air can make your home feel cool but clammy. If you turn down the thermostat to fix the problem, you’re only causing the AC unit to run longer, which increases your utility bills.

Increase Energy Efficiency

There are many different types and sizes of AC unit, so it’s important to choose the correct one for your home. A properly sized air conditioner not only helps to maintain a low energy bill, but will also increase your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Newer air conditioning units are designed to run in cycles, slowly cooling your home instead of instantly bringing down the temperature.

Other energy-efficient technologies have also emerged, producing air conditioners that use two-stage cooling technology, work with programmable thermostats, and contain fewer moving parts. As the cost of power increases, consumers get more concerned about not only saving money, but also protecting the environment.

When choosing the right-sized air conditioner for your home, seek the help of a trusted, well-trained HVAC technician. The formula for calculating the proper size of AC unit can get complicated, involving multiple factors like your home’s square footage and the amount of insulation you have. If you call in the pros, you’ll get right the first time and prevent costly mistakes.



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Inspiration Board For A Florida Room Theme


Decorating a room has gone from simply putting stuff here and there, painting your walls with bright colours that depict sunny days, or refurbishing old rickety furniture to give way to new ones. Decorating has become better and more inspirational especially for simple homeowners like myself who does not have any flair in interior designing. The many ideas you can pick in the web is enough to create an inspiration board for my Florida Room. But hey, what is a Florida Room anyway? Does it mean I have to be in Florida to actually have a Florida Room? Well, to put it simply, a Florida Room is an inspiration to get ideas from if you want to have a bright, sunny, and pretty colourful rooms. It is a tribute to the sand, sea, and the wind of sunny Florida. And if you like the summer fruits and tropical look of a perpetual sunny place, then you can go for the vibrant but still bright motifs of summer for your Florida Room inspiration.

A Florida Room inspired design will be filled with plenty of natural light coming through the windows, bluish hues around, nautical elements for added beach feel, and a whole lot of white splash or light coloured tones to set the mood.

Having a Florida Room especially if you live in a wintry place where it’s mostly grey and mood-altering, is a quick perk-me-up motivator. It pays to update your decoration or even do a make-over you can afford within your means to install a Florida Room in your abode. It can be a room, a patio, your backyard or all three! Put summer and the beach feel into your home with these ideas. So, are you ready for your Florida Room update?



The usual tones will be somewhere nautical related. If you will ask me, I will be more than happy to throw splashes of other bright colours depicting summer like the warm hues of yellow, orange and even pink for some tropical fling. This depends on what you want to establish with the decor. If you feel like sticking with the sea breeze motif rather than the fruity, summery feel, be my guest!



I am a great believer in DIY stuff. I usually make my own decoration. Since I am not from Florida but I am still exposed to the many sand around me here in the Middle East, I can create a semblance of the see with simple shells, sand, and a glass container to bring the sea into my home.

You can also create decors by combining some of your kids’ toys such as boats and create a collection in one corner for that nautical feel.

How about filling up a big glass jar with various shaped shells you’ve picked up from your last beach escapade?

Are you good in painting? Try some DIY paintings to show your love for the beach and summer.



Attaining that summery feel in your home may require you to get your furniture updated. However, I want you to stick to a tight budget so there is no need to replace those old furniture that you have. You simply update them if you like with throw pillow and blankets like the photos shown below.


I hope you get inspiration for your next project at home. If you feel like permanently living in sunny Florida, you can always check out the many listings available from Douglas Elliman, a well-established real estate company in the US. They have some beautiful Florida properties on the market that are drool-worthy!

(Photo credits: pinterest, due credit given to respective photos’ owners)

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Green Clean Your Home

Keeping a clean home is important to all moms, but if you or one of your children suffer from allergies, this can take your cleaning routine to a new level. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for reducing allergens in your home.


 Image via Flickr by blmurch


Vacuuming is an incredibly important way to keep allergens in your home at bay, but we’re not only talking about the carpets and rugs. When did you last clean your drapes? Heavy drapes are big dust collectors and often need professional cleaning. Consider replacing your drapes with machine washable, cotton curtains. Other areas in the home that tend to collect allergens are your lampshades. Run your vacuum attachment along the lampshade — or, if you’ve used a cover, remove and wash it.

Remove Dust

No matter how hard homeowners try, dust seems to creep in and settle on every surface. Though the visible space often get dusted, there are a few commonly forgotten areas. Your bookshelves should be deep-cleaned once a year. It’s important to not only dust the tops of books and knick-knacks but also remove every item, clean the shelves, and then dust each item before replacing.

Beds and bedding also collect dust and dust mites. Your mattress, box springs, and pillows should all have a sealed protector to keep out mites and other pests. These covers should be washed once or twice a year. Sheets and pillowcases should be washed once a week.

One of the biggest allergen culprits that never gets cleaned is decorative pillows. Just like the pillows on your bed, the covers should be stripped off and washed every three months. The pillow should be run through the dryer periodically and then replaced once every three years.


Your child’s favorite stuffed animal probably goes everywhere with you, collecting dirt, dust, and allergens along the way. As often as is needed, your child’s animal can take a short “vacation.” Wash the stuffed animal in hot water, dry, and then place in your freezer to kill any remaining allergens.

Get Rid of Allergy Triggers

Take note of what things cause your allergy irritation, then get rid of them. Some flowers, perfumes, and candles can trigger allergy symptoms or asthma. Consider using soy candles and small potted plants that are known for purifying air. Harsh chemicals can also trigger allergy symptoms, so consider replacing your cleaning products with natural or green products.

Improve Air Filtration

Improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergens by using a HEPA air filter. Be sure to also have your HVAC system regularly maintained by a trained technician to make sure that it’s working properly and that it is reducing in-home allergens.


If you’re extremely allergic to pet dander, you may want to find your pet a new home. If your allergy is a minor one, try bathing your pet weekly, vacuum regularly, and consider not allowing your pet in your bedroom.

Any steps you can take to make your home safer and more comfortable for you and your kids will make it a better place for your kids to grow up. We hope these tips will help you to keep your household happy and healthy.

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15 Awesome Pool Accessories

It’s summer! Well, it is in some parts of the world. And here in the Middle East, it is and the temperature is soaring. School’s over too and now’s the time to hit the beach or go to the nearby resorts for some dipping. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy your very own pool in your yard, it’s also nice to accessorise to make swimming more fun, colourful and truly enjoyable.

Deck your pools with this colourful accessories for added fun!


This cute Star Trek Floater is available at Swoozie’s.



It’s nice to swim even at night or have pool party with friends and swim as much as you can even after daylight. But it’s more fun when your pool is properly illuminated. Add some spherical floating lights on your pool and garden.


(Photo credit: pinterest)


Novelty items

Rubber duckies


You can buy these cute rubber duckies at Amols.


Floating coaster/soda/bottle holder

30090-0 63692-0

These cute floaters for your sodas are available in Swoozie’s.


Floating basketball

Love basketball? Why not play ball even in the pool?


(Photo credit: pinterest)


** This post contains affiliate links where I will be compensated when you click and make a purchase.

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