Amazing 50% off at Birthday Express – Black Friday Holiday Deals!

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Birthday Express Black Friday Holiday Deals
On Black Friday, you can save big at! Select merchandise will be 50% off from 11/28 through 11/30. You can find top party themes, activities, gifts, toys and more with coupon code: HOLIDAY! Some of the fabulous items on sale are shown below. With these deals, you can plan some amazing birthday parties or find the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for your loved ones! Shop 50% Off Black Friday Holiday Deals now.

American Girl Crafts – Daisy Design Bracelets Activity Pack
Price: $13.99
Get 50% off with coupon code HOLIDAY

Super Mario Checkers / Tic Tac Toe Collector’s Game Set
Price: $24.99
Get 50% off with coupon code HOLIDAY

Yo Gabba Gabba Water Bottle
Price: $9.99
Get 50% off with coupon code HOLIDAY

There are so many coupon codes to use and don’t miss out on them! :) Now’s the time to buy some great party supplies for the coming Holidays too. Enjoy shopping and make evey cent counts!

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Moving overseas? Here’s some handy tips for the big move


Moving is stressful at the best of times, but when the move involves changing continents, there is an added level of complexity and cost. Here are some helpful tips on making the move run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Do an inventory

Sea freight ain’t cheap and when you sit down and figure out how much you have to move, you will probably be staggered at how much ‘stuff’ you’ve managed to accumulate over the years. Start with getting a shipping estimate and then decide do you really want to move all of your things or can you significantly cull down to the essentials? You may be better off to sell big items and buy new ones once you’ve moved. This is a great way to get rid of things you no longer need, have never used or simply don’t like any more. By selling unwanted goods, you’ll also make a bit of money that you can put towards your moving costs.

Store your stuff

The logistics of an overseas move can be quite overwhelming. Getting all of your dates to magically line-up can be a bit like waiting for the planets to align. Exiting from a lease or selling property may not line up with the availability of your new home, that’s even if you’ve found one before you leave! You’ll also have to tie in with freight shipping dates and airline schedules. Choosing a convenient self storage facility and hire some space for your things. This can buy you some time and help you line up all of your key dates. Self storage companies, like Fort Knox, can also help with packing supplies and estimates. If you’re move overseas is only for a set amount of time, why not hire on an ongoing basis and securely store the bulk of your things at home until you return?

Get the right help

When choosing a removalist, make sure you go for a reputable company with proven international experience and great customer testimonials. These businesses with have all the right contacts and know all the rules and regulations about moving things across national borders. They’ll also be able to give you loads of tips and advice on packing your things to minimise breakages and damage as well as insurance to cover you for these things should they occur. If your budget allows, it might be worthwhile taking advantage of packing services offered by your removalist. Packers are fast and efficient and know the best way to secure items to keep them safe. It’s also a lot easier for a stranger to pack items quickly as they’re not emotionally connected to them and this might make things a whole lot easier for you too.

An international move can be exciting, but daunting as well. Make sure you minimise the stress so you can embrace the change and enjoy it as much as possible. By planning your move, hiring storage and getting the right help, you’re move will flow smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to get on with the adjustment of such a big life change.

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Get Access to Exclusive Sales At Wayfair

No one refuses huge discounts and that’s one of the great reasons why it is nice to subscribe to Wayfair!

Wayfair is a shop for home decors and when you sign up, you will get your 10% on your first order. It’s a great way to get those nice home decors and other stuff you will love to see in your home. Act now and sign up to have access to Wayfair’s many huge discounts and promo deals.


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Five Tips for Deciding the Career Path for you

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Deciding on a career is one of life’s most important decisions, but how do you know that you are making the right choice for you? There’s no doubt that decisions about your career can be confusing and difficult, particularly when the state of the economy is unstable and competition is high. With some research and good advice, however, deciding on the right career path can be much easier. Here are five tips to help you on your way.

1. Follow your Interests

It’s important to focus on what you are interested in when pursuing a direction for your career. As tempting as it may be, try not to fixate on the types of jobs that pay the most and are in greatest demand.

For example, if you are interested in finance and trading, look for education and training opportunities with quality providers, such as Knowledge to Action , or follow their professional Linked In profile here . As you complete modules and learn more about the sector, you simultaneously gain skills and knowledge that make you highly employable. You are also likely to enjoy your study because you are learning about something of personal interest.

2. Know you Skillset and Personal Qualities

Do not neglect acknowledgement of your skills and personal qualities. All people have skills and attributes that can be transferred and are valuable in vocational contexts.

To identify your skills, be aware of your responses in particular situations. You may be a person who consistently strives for perfection, or perhaps you are someone who can manage pressure and stressful situations. Of course, there are many more personal qualities to consider and it can be insightful to ask others for their ideas of your most notable skills and characteristics.

3. Consider Other Options

Some people know that they are not supposed to be an employee. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should think about starting your own business.

If this idea carries appeal, decide on the kind of business you would like and commit to the acquisition of the knowledge and skills required for your ideas to come to fruition in a business.

Yes, money is a real factor that determines what you ultimately can and cannot do, but start by building up your network and developing a sound business plan. Finance options are best explored when a robust plan is in place.

4. Don’t Rush

Career decisions can feel urgent, but it is perilous to hastily decide on a career path just because you are under pressure or want to escape your current job.

Taking some time to work out what you really want to do is a good idea. If you have the opportunity, taking up some part-time work or work experience in a field of interest to you will at least provide a feel of what it is like to work there. Even better, if you have the time and resources to take a complete break from work to clear and refresh you mind, this can help with making a wise decision about your career path.

5. Exercise Patience

Patience does not come naturally to everyone, but it’s important to give your career path time. There is likely to be some disruptions and obstacles along the way, but dedication to forging a career that you really want for yourself can bring great benefits.

Career path decisions are important and therefore deserve plenty of time and considered thought. Do you have any tips to share? If so, comment in the box below.

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Thanksgiving Greeting 2014!

Happy  Thanksgiving!

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