Make The Perfect Smoothie With These

Do you love smoothies? I do and I really invest in blender and juicer so I can make fresh one at home. 


Most tend to have combination of these steps. 

a) Make it creamy by adding a nut butter such as peanut, almond, chia or some other combination

b) Fortify with a protein powder

c) Add in a liquid component – juice, milk, almond milk, soy milk 

d) Add some greens – an avocado, spinach, kale or lettuce

e) Add some fruits – fresh or frozen such as blueberries, strawberries, apples etc.


And to be able to make the perfect smoothie, you should have the following or a combination of one or two for that yummy, fresh smoothie you love!

Protein Powder

DESIGNER WHEY - Aria Women's Protein Vanilla-12 oz Powder

DESIGNER WHEY – Aria Women’s Protein Vanilla-12 oz Powder – $10.99, Free shipping – Available at Puritans Pride

(5 reviews)

Peanut Butter

N Toys - Nuts 'N More Peanut Butter, 16 Ounce

N Toys – Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter, 16 Ounce – $10.92, See Site shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Teleflora – Flowers – Plant and Fruit Basket – Fruit, Azaleas

Teleflora - Flowers - Plant and Fruit Basket - Fruit, Azaleas

You’ll be needing lots of fruits to make that nice fruit smoothie.


Teleflora – Flowers – Plant and Fruit Basket – Fruit, Azaleas – $52.16, 14.95 shipping – Available at

(1 reviews)

Almond Butter Raw & Chia

Barney Butter - Barney Butter Almond Butter Raw & Chia -10 oz Jar

Chia Seeds

Puritan's Pride - Chia Seeds-16 oz Seeds

Puritan’s Pride – Chia Seeds-16 oz Seeds – $16.99, Free shipping – Available at Puritans Pride

(18 reviews)

Roland Foods – Steel Cut Oats-24 oz Container

Roland Foods - Steel Cut Oats-24 oz Container

I sometimes add oats in my smoothies to give it that nice oat-ey taste plus the added fibre.

Roland Foods – Steel Cut Oats-24 oz Container – $7.49, Free shipping – Available at Puritans Pride

Flax Seeds

Spectrum Organics - ESEENTIALS Organic Ground Essential Flax Seed 14 OZ

Spectrum Organics – ESEENTIALS Organic Ground Essential Flax Seed 14 OZ – $4.98, See Site shipping – Available at

(92 reviews)

A Blender

Cuisinart - PowerEdge Blender

You will certainly need any kind of blender or smoothie maker to make your very one smoothie at home. Invest in a high quality blender like this Cuisinart.


Cuisinart – PowerEdge Blender – $199.00, See Site shipping – Available at

(2 reviews)

Back to Basics – BTB Smoothie Maker Black SSP4BL

Back to Basics - BTB Smoothie Maker Black SSP4BL

Here’s another kind of blender and it’s a smoothie maker which is perfect for you.

Back to Basics – BTB Smoothie Maker Black SSP4BL – $199.99, 2.98 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Focus – BB Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26 Ounce Red

Focus - BB Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26 Ounce Red

If you’re on the go and need a quick fix, this will be the best type of smoothie maker to have.


Focus – BB Smoothie Express Lifestyle 26 Ounce Red – $30.24, 10.00 shipping – Available at

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

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$14.99 Kids Birthday Party Packs only at Birthday Express

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One of the biggest hurdles to the perfect themed birthday party is getting all the supplies together. One store might have the Frozen-themed plates you’re looking for, but not the cups or napkins.
Birthday Express solves this problem with the launch of their new Express Value Packs, which include all the party essentials you need to have a fun kids’ birthday party. They’re very affordable with Express Value Packs starting at just $14.99. This includes a savings of up to 30%!! Check out a few of our favourite Express Value Packs below:

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Frozen Value Party Pack

The Octonauts Value Party Pack




Monster Jam 3D Value Party Pack

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Décor Tips for Small Outdoor Spaces

(photo credit:
Stuck with a tiny backyard or apartment balcony? Sick of feeling cramped and squished in whenever you go outside? With a little work, you could turn your small outdoor space around and make it seem bigger than you ever imagined. Read on to find out how.

Less is More

When you only have a small space to work with, the less you have filling the space, the more spacious it will feel. De-cluttering means getting rid of anything that does not add to the space. That could be furniture, pots, plants and any other decorations that do not fit. Anything that takes up room but doesn’t contribute to the area needs to be evicted. When dealing with a small space, it is important that you only fill it with functional items, making it a more usable and open space.

Use All the Space

Whether it’s an apartment balcony or small backyard, there is always extra space you aren’t using – and that space is usually on the walls. Free up floor space and use wall mounted or hanging pots for plants. Don’t overdo the hanging pots though and keep the wall mounted ones at a reasonably small size as they can quickly fill the space and make it cramped otherwise. Terraced shelving for plants can also free up a lot of space and looks great in a corner or along a wall.

Outdoor Cooking

Most small outdoor areas aren’t going to accommodate a six burner, rotisserie barbeque, unless the entire space is dedicated to it. Think a little smaller and you will find you still have enough room to entertain outdoors. Mini portable grills, such as a Ziegler and Brown model from Barbeques Galore, take up barely any room at all and can still cook up a delicious meal for you, your family, and any guests you have over.

Create Privacy

Privacy is important to remember when decorating your outdoor area. There are a number of ways to enclose your space and give you the privacy you need. The most common of these is the use of wooden screens. They can take on just about any shape or size, so the design is completely up to you. Vines and creepers also make a great screen, especially those that come with seasonal flowers.

Illusion and Distraction

The final tip for your small outdoor space is how to make it bigger. Of course, you can’t really change the size of the space, but simple illusions that draw the eye will make the space feel bigger than it really is. Focal points are one of the easiest ways to do this and they can double as nice pieces of art or decoration. They should be placed somewhere they easily stand out, like on a blank wall or even in the very centre of the outdoor area.

These are just some simple décor tips to help you revamp your small outdoor space and turn it into the setting you always dreamed of. How do you deal with having a small backyard or balcony? Leave your comments or tips below.

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Tips To Keep Your Pets Active During Winter

The harsh winter season can be a drag for both humans and animals.  It is difficult to go about our daily routine without exerting too much effort and not to mention being covered from head to toe with layers upon layers of warm clothing. Aside from those inconveniences, our activities are limited and as much as possible, staying indoors will be our wish. If we can only watch winter to go from the comfort of our homes…

With that being said, imagine the state of our furry babies during winter. Their run around the park and regular walks are down to a minimum for fear of getting too cold and sick being outdoors.  Not only that, there may be salt or some chemicals on the pavement to prevent slipping from snow and those can be harmful to your pets. So, what can you do to help keep your pets active during the winter time? Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your pets are well exercised even during the harsh winter time.

Play fetch indoor

Playing fetch does not have to be done outdoors. There are areas at home where you can do a simple throwing of your pet’s favorite toy to be retrieved. Likewise, if you have small balls you can roll rather than throwing to avoid any accidents, then do so. Just make sure when you play fetch, you have cleared the surrounding areas of any breakables like those precious figurines or even those nice, antique chinas!

Make a pretend “walk” inside your house

Grab your pet’s leash and walk him/her inside your home. Cover every room in your house so you can maximise the walking activity. I know, it can be boring for both of you but it is a good way to keep your pets active even while at home during winter and you are also doing yourself a favour by having a mini work-out at home.

Practice or teach your pet a new trick

Cold season can make us all lazy but don’t be. Use your spare time to bond with your precious fur baby and teach her/him a new trick or practice on the ones that you’ve taught earlier. This is a good way to make both of you active.

Put his/her treat in a feeding toy

Make his/her mealtime stimulating by making your pet work for it. Studies show that pets enjoy their food more when they have to work for it.

Use a laser pointer

This is not meant for cats or for use when doing a presentation. Dogs can go crazy with the laser pointer too. Just point it on the floor and allow your pet to run after the “red dot.” It will be fun and your pet will be active running around. Please do not point the laser pointer to your pet’s eyes.



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Top TVs for 2015

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


What home is complete without a great big TV set sitting in the living room?

Televisions have come an incredibly long way in recent years, with 3D images, HD quality and giant screens among the most exciting innovations.

If you are thinking off getting 2015 off to an unforgettable start by buying a brilliant new TV then the following are models well worth taking a close look at.

The Panasonic ¡5 Inch OLED TV

One of the stand out televisions no show at this year´s CES event in Las Vegas was the stunning 65 inch OLED model put on display by Panasonic. OLED stands for Organic LED and it is viewed by many as offering the best possibly displays in years to come. It gives a strong black and a greatly reduced level of blurring that makes it seem ideal for sports fans. Production issues and high pricing has stopped this type of set taking off in recent years but Panasonic has finally brought out an ultra sharp OLED model that could be just what is need to get this technology into more homes.

The Samsung S UHD TV

Another big hit at the CES show was this beauty from Samsung. It is expected to be the first television to hit the shops with High Dynamic Range and Quantum Dot colour reproduction. This gives the screen an amazing range of colours and unbelievable shadow details. There are so many amazing new type of TV technology hitting the shelves soon that it is hard to know which ones will be the long term winners. However, it would be foolish to write off this Samsung contender just yet. It is expected to come in 65, 78 and 88 inch models.

The LG Curved or Flat Screen TV

The big debate over whether it is best to have a flat screen or a curved screen continues to rage. The smart people at LG decided to hedge their bets by making a television set that can be switched by remote control from flat to curved. The jury is still out on which style if best and more immersive. A changeable TV could be a good bet for anyone who isn´t sure which they like and would prefer to have the best of both worlds.

The Apple TV?

Could 2015 be the year in which the world finally sees an Apple TV that takes over the world? We wouldn´t bet against it but we aren´t sure we would bet for it either. At the moment, Apple TV is limited to a small desktop box that can be used to enhance your viewing pleasure. However, we have heard rumours for years that the firm will bring out an actual TV set. Currently, some people think that this will happen in 2015 and others lean more towards 2016. If it does hit the shops in 2015 then it will probably be towards the end of the year and could have a massive impact on the home viewing market.
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