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3 Things you need to think about before Carpeting your Home

Are you in the phase of renovating or selecting the fittings for your new home? Before you start selecting bathroom tiles or wall paintings, you might like to consider your carpet first. Looking for the right carpet or flooring is more than just colour, function and style. If you think of your home as a large-scale painting, the carpet would be the base layer, complementing all the different elements such as textures and shapes on the canvas. In this case, the elements to consider are furniture, fixtures and even the appliances. Want to find out more? Below you’ll find three tips to help you with the suitable carpet for your home.


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Select a Carpet that suits your Lifestyle

Are you a young couple building your first home? Do you have a big family with young kids running around? Perhaps you have a few pets? All these questions are one of the first things you need to consider when looking for a carpet. For example, if you live in a household with little children or pets, a nylon carpet with durability and easy maintenance will suit this lifestyle. Want more carpeting inspiration? Visit the Stainmaster blog for more helpful carpeting and home styling tips.

It All Needs to go Together

Whether you’re about to start shopping for new furniture or have your pieces on the ready, one things is a must – everything needs to go together. Do you have a vibrant set of curtains, a stylish rug, or a contemporary artwork? In order to balance these different types of colours and textures, you need to find a carpet that is neutral in colour. This will ensure that none of the pieces compete for attention in the space created. Handy Hint: If this home is purely for investment or for rent, find a carpet that is neutral in colour but serves purpose. This will not only give your house added value, but it will open up the styling and decorating options for potential home tenants and buyers.

Quality and Price

The balancing act that buyers want to get correct is purchasing a quality product with a decent price to match. But how do you determine this? Before the salesman charms you with his smile and persuasion, you need to factor in a few elements such as the resilience and durability of the carpet. To find this out, look for a carpet with a weight of at least 34 to 40 ounces of fibre per square yard; the heavier the weight, the better. Handy Hint: To get your money’s worth on such an important asset, look for a carpet with a 10-year texture retention warranty. This covers how effective the fibres return to their original shape after the wear and tear of footsteps and holding the weight of furniture.

Finding the right carpet is a big investment regardless of whether you’re renovating or building your first home. But now that you know a little more about purchasing a carpet, are you feeling a little less floored? If you have any other house or lifestyle tips, feel free to comment below.

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When To Change Your Cooking Range

It is a must to regularly check your appliances no matter their size and function at home. One of the most important appliances at home to be checked constantly is the cooking range. Some cooking ranges are powered by gas and electricity and some are solely by gas. And this kind of appliance is one of the primary reasons why there are fires and accidents happening at home.

All our appliances have their expected lifetime. Cooking ranges’ life expectancy depending on the usage and care given, will last for more than 10-15 years. And it does not have to be the high end ones. It all boils down to how you regularly check and clean your cooking range. Ours lasted for 9 years. It was still working just fine but one by one, the burner is getting rusty until only 2 burners are working to this date. So, what prompted me to change our cooking range and if you find similarities in your current cooking change, you may want to consider replacing it now.

Wear and tear condition

Our cooking range is white so over the years, it became dirty white and has scrapes here and there when I clean the range. The paint was peeling from the sides, the front panel could not be read properly and no matter how much I clean and de-grease it, it just would not look close to being new.


The burners are conking out

We had a four-burner cooking range. Over the years, the burner just conked out one by one until only 2 decent burners are working. My husband cleaned the burner top and still no luck.  It was difficult to cook especially when there are occasions. I always end up ordering cooked meals because cooking simultaneously posed a great challenge.


We smell the gas sometimes

It is a primary cause for concern. I don’t like the idea of not seeing something so dangerous to be blowing up on my face when I suddenly light the burner. There was a time when all the burners were off but we could smell a faint scent of the gas. It was because the knob of the oven was slightly placed on a certain angle. That meant, the oven was ready to be lit as gas was already flowing.


It was difficult to light the burner

OUr old cooking range is not the auto-ignite type. It would take me several tries to light a certain burner repeatedly after wasting gas and our cooking range lighter’s fuel.


If you start seeing signs similar to the ones I have shared then do not even think twice. Just replace your cookig range. It does not have to be the fanciest range in the planet but choose s cooking range that is fuel-efficient and safe.

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Get Your Personalized Party Supplies from Birthday Express

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Birthday Express Personalized Party Supplies

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to make your birthday child feel extra special at their party, check out personalized party supplies from Birthday Express!

You can personalize several different party items with a photograph of the birthday child and a custom message. Some of the products that can be personalized include invitations, birthday banners, plates, and party favor boxes.

It’s easy to make your little one’s day and personalize their birthday party supplies with a picture of their smiling face. Simply pick your party theme, upload a photo and add a special message, and Birthday Express will print it in high definition on high-quality materials that you’re sure to love

With over 75 party themes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect personalized party for your little one. Visit now and start planning!

1st Birthday Personalized Party Supplies

Girls Personalized Party Supplies

Boys Personalized Party Supplies


You may visit the following for more products to choose from:

Boys Personalized Party Supplies

Girls Personalized Party Supplies

1st Birthday Personalized Party Supplies

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$10 Orange Tag Specials at BuyCostumes

Yes, it’s special offer once again at BuyCostumes – the fabulous place where great deals and discounts are being offered regularly so you can have a chance to buy that fancy costume you’ve been dreaming of!

Check out the new offers at the $10 Orange Tag Specials and Pumpkin Busters at BuyCostumes.
20% off on Kid’s Costumes
Coupon Code: bckids20
Expires: 9/14/14

Kids Pumpkin Busters $10 or Less Kids Orange Tag Specials
$26.99 – Ahoy Matey! Pirate Toddler Costume $4.97 – Hot Wheels Vert Wheeler Classic Child Costume
$34.99 – TMNT – Deluxe Shredder Kids Costume $9.97 – Orange Witch Child Costume
$26.99 – Rainbow Princess Fairy Child Costume $9.97 – Bakugan Shun Classic Child Costume
$29.99 – Can Can Dancer Child Costume $9.97 – Monster Bride (Green) Child Costume
$18.99 – Lion Bunting Infant Costume $2.97 – Star Trek Movie (Red) Shirt Child Costume
$24.99 – Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic Child Costume $9.97 – Prince Of Persia – Tamina Deluxe Child Costume
$24.99 – Precious Pumpkin Child Costume $9.97 – G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock Classic Muscle Child Costume
$34.99 – Deluxe Policeman Child Costume $9.97 – Girls Teal Dragon Child Costume
$24.99 – Peter Pan Disney Toddler / Child Costume $9.97 – Indiana Jones – Deluxe Mutt Tween Costume
$24.99 – Little Stripe Kitten Toddler Costume $9.97 – Little Miss Ladybug Child Costume

Pumpkin Buster Deals

$10 Halloween Costumes – Orange Tag Specials

BuyCostumes Halloween Costumes

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