Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

While air conditioning is considered a saving grace in most parts of the world, most people don’t know the history of how it came about. In that spirit, here are some fun facts and interesting tidbits about that most cool of modern luxuries, the air conditioner.

The first public places to offer air conditioning were movie theaters. During the blazing hot summer months, the theaters would crank up the cool air in the hopes that people would flock to them and see the latest movies. This is where the tradition of “summer blockbuster: films comes from.

Without the invention of air conditioning, there would be certain medications unavailable today. Such medicines as antibiotics were generally only able to be studied under the cool temperature that air conditioning brought.

The amount of energy that Americans spend on air conditioning is enormous. In fact, the amount of energy that America uses to power every single air conditioner is equivalent to what Africa uses to power the entire country.

In the time before air conditioners were invented, people kept cool with giant blocks of ice. When air conditioners were invented, their output was measured by how many blocks of ice the machine’s cooling power was equivalent to.

The air conditioner was invented by a book publisher. Mr. Willis Carrier created the first one back in 1902 as a way to prevent his book paper from expanding and the ink from running.

It is a proven scientific fact that modern air conditioning has actually lowered the human body’s natural resistance to hot weather. This is why people should always maintain proper air conditioning service the woodlands tx.

The very first auto company to make air conditioning standard in their vehicles was the Packard company. Sales skyrocketed until the other companies took notice and joined in offering this particular amenity.

A primitive version of the air conditioner was invented in 180 AD. It was a 10-foot wide hand-cranked rotary fan that was actually capable of cooling an entire auditorium full of people. It could also be moved by pushing it along on its 7 wheels.


How to Check Your Toilet for a Broken Flapper

One of the most important parts of your toilet is the flapper. Also called a flapper valve, it looks like a small plastic piece attached to a metal chain. The chain part connects to the handle on the outside of the toilet that you use to flush it. When you press down on the handle, it forces the chain to rise, which opens the valve and allows water to go down the hole in the tank. The flapper will then drop back in place and form a seal to block any leaks from forming. If you think that your toilet has a broken flapper, you can identify the problem on your own.

Listen for Running Water

The first sign that your toilet has a broken flapper is water that constantly runs in the tank. Though you expect to hear the toilet running when you first flush, you also expect to hear that water stop running once the tank fills. If the flapper cannot form the tight seal needed, it will allow water to keep moving through the toilet. As your tank cannot completely fill with water, you’ll hear the sounds of running water all day and night.

Check the Tank

Most toilets have a tank with a lid on top that lifts off to let you access the inside. Find the chain attached to the flush handle, trace it down to the bottom and examine the flapper. Some older flappers used a type of flexible rubber material that molds to the shape of the toilet drain to form a tight seal, but newer flappers often use a type of harder plastic. Damage to the flapper such as cracks in the flapper itself, a broken chain or even mold can keep it from forming the seal that you need.

Hire a Plumber

While you can check plumbing Brandon FL stores for new flappers, you may want to call a local plumbing company and ask for help swapping out your flapper. You may find that stores do not offer the exact type of flapper that you need or that you aren’t sure how to affix the new chain to your old handle. There is a chance that you might have problems beyond needing a new flapper too. Plumbers can inspect the toilet and tell you exactly what repairs you need to stop leaks, running water and other problems.


Tips To Make Your Small Studio Apartment Look Big

Space is a precious commodity these days especially if you are one of the many who does not own roomy apartments. Not everyone has enough financial means to cover rents for huge or spacious apartments. So, practical people who live in tiny studio apartments make use of what is available to them – the limited space.

A small studio apartment can also look big with the right planning of placement of furniture, allocation of shelves, proper lighting, and using multi-functional furniture to be used in many ways.

Below are some of the tips to help small studio apartment owners to make their room look big.

Use multi-functional furniture


A small studio room can benefit a lot from space-saving when multi-functional furniture are used. An example of this is a sofa than can convert into a bed when expanded or an ottoman that can be used as extra storage space.


Use foldable seats and tables

There are foldable seats and tables that you can buy to use in your tiny apartment. They are easy to store and can be hanged to leave you enough room to move around when they are not used.


Paint the walls with light colors

Light colors gives the illusion of an expanded space which helps in deceiving the eyes. Paint your unit with light colored hues and this may not be exactly white. Light and pastel colors are perfect!


Use mirrors

Place large or even small pieces of mirrors clustered together to reflect light and make a room bigger.


Maximize vertical space with shelves

Every space in your a small quarter is precious and this is the very reason why maximizing space is crucial. Put up shelves even on areas near the ceiling like the ones on top of the door or entryway to use those areas for storage. It also draw the eyes upwards making your room look and feel bigger.


A floor to ceiling bookcase can make your room big as it provides the illusion of a high ceiling. Leave some of the shelves empty so it does not look cluttered.


Use sliding or barn yard door style


A sliding door or barn yard kind of door does not occupy space as much as a regular door can. Use this on your bathroom door or as space divider.


Use a loft bed


A loft bed provides precious space commodity below it which you can convert into a small seating place or even your study area.

Install a Murphy bed or a pull-down bed


If you space is really tight and you can only accommodate so much, why not use a Murphy bed which is neatly tucked on your bookcase or shelving unit? A Murphy bed is a pull out bed which can be stored upright when not in use, leaving enough space for you to walk around.


Create leveled flooring


Elevate your sleeping area and use the few inches of space beneath your bed, and the leveled floor as additional storage space.


Use drapes or curtains to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the place

Using drapes or curtains that are light and even sheer to separate your sleeping area than using bulky wall divider is a practical way to provide privacy. It does not add bulkiness nor you have to install doors to provide entryway.


Maximize storage

Storage is important when you live in a small and tight studio apartment. You can use similar looking boxes to use as storage. Using similar looking boxes or containers do not make the view look cluttered.

You can also use a box bed frame that can double as a storage to keep your linens and other things you don’t regularly use.


Advantages Of Choosing A Metal Shed Or Barn

Sheds have always been a popular addition to homeowner’s yards. They are great for storage of household items or yard maintenance tools. There are many different types of sheds for people to choose from and the kind you choose will be dependent on a variety of factors including price, size and material preference. Typically, both metal and wood sheds are the top choices for most people. However, in many ways the metal sheds are a better choice. Below are some of the top reasons to choose a metal barn or shed.

Photo by 
Matthew Smith on Unsplash



One of the best reasons to consider choosing a metal barn or shed is that it is an affordable option compared to other types. The cost is a big decision-making factor for most people when in the market to buy a building outside in their yards. Metal barns and sheds can come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the perfect metal structure for you.

Easy To Assemble

Metal structures are lighter than wood ones. Because of this it is easier for homeowners who are not professional builders to be able to build one themselves. Most metal sheds and bards come with easy instructions for assembly. Additionally, the equipment and tools needed to put the structure together will often come with the package as well.

Easy To Move

As people may know, your tastes change over time. Most homeowners like to occasionally rearrange their spaces, including how the yard is set up. Metal sheds are very easy to move around if you decide you want to move it to another area on your property.


While metal sheds and barns are lightweight, they are still very durable. This is one of the biggest selling points for metal sheds versus wooden ones. Metal is not an easy material to damage and can offer long-lasting protection against the elements.

No Foundation Needed

Unlike homes and wooden sheds, a metal shed doesn’t need a foundation in order to be built. This is important for buyers to know because foundations are not cheap to construct and they can take a lot of time to get ready. In many cases, it takes a professional to lay the foundation before you can even begin to start the process of building the metal shed.

It can be fun to compare different types of sheds to buy. It can be the perfect addition to anyone’s property. No matter what type of metal shed or barn you choose to buy, it is important to buy from a reliable seller such as from


Home Improvement Jobs You Probably Shouldn’t Do Yourself

The DIY movement has taken over and everyone is getting down and dirty learning how to complete things on their own. Though it can be great to learn a new skill and even better to save some cash, there are some down sides to doing projects on your own. Not only do you not have the necessary experience in most cases, but you’ll be dedicating a lot of your time to getting the project done. There’s also the fact that you could get seriously hurt or completely ruin your home’s structure.

That’s why there are times when it’s best to call in the pros. Here is a list of home improvement projects you should just hire a professional for:


Whether you’re trying to clean the gutters, repair a hole, or replace the entire roof, heights are not something to joke around with. Even if you manage to climb to the top of your house ensuring that you don’t fall or do more damage to your property is an entirely different beast. Hiring roofing contractors in bronx or wherever you happen to live saves you the risk. They have the necessary skill, equipment, and proper insurance to cover them and your home should something go wrong.

Electrical Work

This one should be a no-brainer, but just in case you were thinking about grounding your own wires or rewiring an entire home you should think again. Even if you completely turn off the power source there is a real chance of getting hurt. Not to mention there are a lot of city codes that must be followed when working with electricity. One wrong installment could result in fines and even worse a house fire. Any electrical work should certainly be left to an electrician.

Tree Removal

Sure, cutting the grass and watering the plants is a home improvement project you can do yourself without any trouble. However, if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed, you really shouldn’t do it yourself. One wrong chop could leave a tree sitting on the top of your house, car, or even worse on someone else’s property. Allowing expert tree removal companies to do it for you is best and prevents injuries and potential damage to neighboring properties.
You might be tempted to pick up the tools and get to work after watching a how-to video or two, but is it really the right thing to do? If you’re not experienced in completing home improvement projects like those described above your best bet is to contact the pros and save yourself and your property the hassle.


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