Simple Memorial Day Crafts for Kids

It’s Memorial Day. And it is the day we remember those who have fallen to give us our Freedom. This Memorial Day, make it more extra memorable for your kids by enlisting them in to do simple crafts to show their appreciation to our Veterans. Let them know the meaning of Memorial Day as they make these simple crafty projects.

Most of these projects only require some water soluble paints, brushes, card stock, glue, scissors and mostly adult supervision and tons of child-like creativity!

Egg Carton Flag


Flag Popsicle Sticks


Paper Banners/Lanterns/Buntings


Paper Poppy Flower



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Super Mom

I wish I can say I am and I pray I am to my child…

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there and most especially to my mum who’s always been there. 

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Keeping Employees Safe On The Floor

There are certain environments where you want to have safety flooring. If you work in a restaurant, then you need something under your feet while you’re washing dishes so that you don’t slip on any water that gets on the floor. There could also be grease on the floor while cooking. Another job where you would need a mat on the floor is working with mechanics. There could be liquids, such as oil, that get on the floor.

Anytime you are standing on a concrete floor for an extended period of time you need to have soem kind of mat. It will give you the support you need for your feet so that you don’t have the full pressure from the hard floor on your body. Some of these mats are seen at grocery stores so that cashiers and other employees can stand on them for longer periods of time. You might also see them in salons as hair stylists are on their feet for long hours. These mats have a grip on the bottom that prevents sliding and falls. Some of the mats can also prevent the spread of spills depending on the kind of material that is on top of the mat.

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How to Throw an Army-Themed Birthday Party

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camo army party supplies

Does your little soldier have a birthday coming up? Then your mission is to report for duty to Birthday Express! They have all the supplies and gear you’ll need to throw your little Ranger the perfect party!

Camo Army Party Supplies – Invitations? Check. Plates, cups, napkins, and utensils? Check. Birthday candles and balloons? Check and check. Birthday Express’ Camo Army Soldier Party Value Pack includes all the party essentials you’ll need to complete your party-planning mission – and at a cost That is sure to earn you a rank Increase.

Camo Army Decorations – In Addition to the red and blue balloons, ribbons, and red crepe paper That is included in the Army Camo Value Pack Party, the Birthday Express’ Camo Army Solider personalized banner will create an official party Headquarters. Also you could go with a camo-themed decor and turn the party zone into a top-secret special ops base for the little platoon solider and the birthday celebrant.

Camo Army Games & Favors – No Army-themed party would be complete without Birthday Express’ Camouflage Tank Party Game . Each solider is blindfolded and is tasked with getting the tank sticker onto the target. Talk about a tough assignment! Fortunately in this game, everyone is a winner. To show Appreciation for your kiddo’s troops’ dedication, the birthday kid can ensure that each party attendee is field-ready with the Camo Army Solider Filled Favor Box complete with supplies that includes: binoculars, a compass, a dog tag, aviator sunglasses, and Army soldier stickers. And what soldier would be ready for duty without birthday your kiddo’s very own camo vest and camo helmet?

Birthday Express has all these items and more! Copy that. Over and out.


Camo Army Soldier Value Party Pack

Camouflage Tank Party Game


Camo Army Solider Filled Favor Box

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15% off on Kids Costumes

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