Locate Your Stuff With TrackR atlas

Are you tired of losing things and cannot find them?  How about misplacing things only to find them when you don’t need them anymore?

Now, there’s a solution for that! Modern technology has helped “forgetful” people like myself in locating things that are regularly lost like keys, gadgets, cordless phones, you name it. TrackR atlas is a device and an app that will help you locate things at home and even monitor where those things go!

For more info, check out: http://bst.is/bHd3W8



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Monster Jam Party Giveaway by Birthday Express

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Monster Jam Party Giveaway by Birthday Express

Are you big fans of these massive trucks? Do you and your family love Monster Jam? If you are, then you are in for a pleasant surprise!

Well Birthday Express and Monster Jam have good news for you! From now until November 23rd, you can enter to win a Monster Jam themed party for ten (10) people hosted at a Monster Jam event in the United States occurring between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016. Read all the details and enter here.

Plus, be sure to check out Monster Jam 3D party supplies and party packs at Birthday Express. With a Monster Jam Party in a Box, Monster Jam Party Favors, and balloons, Birthday Express has everything you need to throw your child a roaring party! Check out some of my favorite products below:


Monster Jam 3D Party in a Box – Deluxe with Favors – 8 Guests

Monster Jam 3D Filled Party Favor Box


Monster Jam 3D Foil Balloon

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Considerations for Buying a Horse

Horses are among the most beautiful animals in the world. Many people dream of owning their own horse. However, this rarely becomes a reality because of the many things that are required in order to take care of a horse correctly. If you are seriously considering horse ownership, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind. Taking care of a horse is much more involved than taking care of a dog or cat. Buying a horse is not something you should rush into. Here are several of the most significant considerations for buying a horse.

1. Can you afford to own a horse?

The main reason why more people do not own horses is because it costs a significant amount of money. The amount of food that horses consume on a daily basis would be surprising to most people. This food will put a large dent in your bank account. Then you will also need to pay people to tend to the horse if you are not going to do it yourself. There can be no question that owning a horse is a major financial commitment.

2. Do you have adequate space?

Horses need large amounts of land to run around and get their exercise. Therefore, having a large meadow and plenty of wide open spaces is a must for horse ownership. You must be out in the country. It would be preferable if the horse is raised on a ranch or farm. Equine massage therapy can be very beneficial to the overall health of your horse. For more information about this particular service, you can take a look at http://piaffe-performance.com/our-services/.

3. Do you want a horse that has already been trained?

Horses that have already been trained will cost you significantly more than their untrained counterparts. This is because a great deal of time and money has already been invested into training the animal. Because of this, many people opt to buy a horse that is untrained. Are you are buying a horse with the intent of riding it immediately? If so, buying a trained animal is essential. Attempting to ride a horse that has not been professionally trained would be incredibly dangerous. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a trainer if your horse has not already been trained. This is another expense that you must account for in your budget.

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Give The Gift of a Gazelle Certified iPad This Holiday Season

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The holidays may be over a month away, but I’d wager a candy cane or two that you’re already starting to think about what gifts you’re going to give your family and friends this year. Well if you’re in need of some inspiration, might I suggest an iPad? Now before you start thinking that an iPad seems like a mighty expensive gift, let me explain.

Sure, a brand new iPad might cost a pretty penny, but if you purchase a Gazelle Certified iPad you’ll find that such a gift is quite affordable. You see, Gazelle Certified iPads have all gone through an extensive, in-depth 30+-point inspection process to ensure their quality. Plus, just to make sure you and the iPad’s new owner are 100% satisfied, Gazelle also offers a 30-day return policy on all their Certified devices.

Now that you know that an iPad can actually be an affordable gift to give, here are some other reasons why they make perfect presents:

  • iPads are very portable. They are lightweight and small enough to fit into a handbag and some purses. This also makes them easy to hold while chillin’ on the couch or lying in bed watching a movie or TV show.
  • The iPad also comes with a number of awesome apps that make it easier to complete many tasks. These include a web browser, mail client, a calendar, an alarm clock, a maps package, and even tablet-specific apps, such as a camera, a photos app, a video library, and an app for playing music. While there are many low-cost apps ranging between $0.99 and $4.99, the user will also find a ton of free apps in the iPad’s App Store.
  • Speaking of apps, the iPad’s iBooks app makes for an excellent eReader. It supports Amazon Kindle books with a free Kindle reader available in the App Store.
  • Along with inexpensive apps, the iPad is also great for gaming. And like most of the apps on the iPad, games tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts. In fact, a lot of great games are priced at $5 and under.
  • Great for kids! While kids should definitely be outside playing as much as possible, there are times when that’s not feasible, such as during bad weather or while stuck in a car or on a plane. The iPad provides an easy-to-use tool for both entertainment and education.
  • If the iPad has data connection, it can easily replace the GPS in your car, helping to ensure your friends and family will never get lost again (well, that might be expecting too much..).

These are just a few of the many reasons why iPads make for great gifts. Visit Gazelle’s selection of iPads today and give a gift that will keep on giving the whole year through!

Looking for some extra cash to add to your gift-giving budget? Trade-in your used device to Gazelle for cash! You’ll love how simple they make the process.

Don’t let this opportunity pass! Save for the holidays and give the gift of a certified Gazelle iPad now.

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Food For Thought

Your dog is likely a member of the family. You want to feed your dog an all natural dog food so that it gets all of the nutrients it needs to live a healthy life. There are brands that are made with vegetables and beef or chicken. These have the same vitamins and minerals that you might find in a meal that you would prepare. The exact ingredients aren’t the same, but the concept is the same in that the dog’s food shouldn’t consist of added ingredients that don’t have a benefit for the health of your pet.

A benefit of natural food is that there aren’t any animal by-products. If something doesn’t sound appealing to you, then it’s not something that you want to give to your dog. Do a little research when it comes to the ingredients. Avoid foods with a lot of corn meal and starches as they can add more weight on the dog than is needed. Look for foods that have more protein. Chicken, fish and eggs are ideal ingredients for dogs to enjoy.

When you give your dog a natural food, it can improve the health of the skin and coat. It can improve the muscles and joints. The energy level of the dog will be maintained as the dog will be getting the proper nutrients instead of foods that can make the dog inactive. A healthy food can help decrease the risk of allergies, especially if the dog is kept inside. If you have noticed your dog sneezing or coughing, then you might want to try a natural food to see if it helps. Since there is a higher amount of protein in a natural food, you will probably find that you are feeding your dog less. It won’t take as much to fill the dog as it won’t be eating the junk that is found in brands that aren’t organic or natural. Natural foods often give your dog a longer life span. When they aren’t getting the by-products and unhealthy ingredients that can damage the arteries and the heart, then they will be able to live a longer and fuller life.

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