Install Pocket Garden For Small Apartments

Living in a tight quarter can be a challenge to people who have the penchant for gardening. usual areas where garden space is a challenge is prevalent in high-rise residential buildings, and townhouses/duplex with no yards.

A pocket garden is a small garden for limited space.  Space should not be an issue when allocating a tiny area in your abode.   It can be any small space you can spare for that plant sanctuary you want to install in your quarter.


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Make room for your pocket garden without so much hassle of moving around furniture, selling items, or even destroying walls or other fixtures to make way for your pocket garden.

These helpful tips will guide you to create your very own pocket garden even on small apartments.

Decide which type of pocket garden you want

You can build a pocket garden, complete with garden soil, river rocks, pebbles and mini landscaping or choose a pocket garden which you can install by using shelves to hold your small pots, hanging planters, or occupy a bare wall to make as vertical garden.

Survey your living space and check places where your pocket garden can have access to drainage

If you have space to build your pocket garden then ensure you can also allocate a safe drainage when you water the plants. Remember, living in an apartment means, you may be living above someone’s home. Be sure you will not cause unnecessary water seepage in someone’s territory.


A little piece of Asia


Allocate a specific area where you want your pocket garden to be

If your apartment has a small balcony or veranda and has a good exposure to sunlight then consider that area as your pocket garden.

If you have a bare wall, put your vertical garden there. if you can spare a small corner in your home here you actually don’t have anything to put there, arrange your pots and shelves for your planters to make that space look like a mini garden in your home.


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Get your tools and materials ready

Make sure you have gardening tools and other materials ready when making your small garden space. You may need extra help from friends or a professional landscaper if you decide to convert a small space as a breathing and living garden inside your home. If you wish to use shelves to displace your precious plants, you can secure them firmly against a wall so it won’t tip over.

Arrange your pocket garden

Now that you’ve set everything, arrange your plants in a way you want to showcase them. Put bigger plants behind and the smaller ones in front. You can arrange as per colour or mix and match for a more eclectic style.


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Getting Ready for Summer: Top Fashion Items to Have

I’ve talked about my dream closet before; now, it’s time to take a look at what I would add to the dream closet for this summer. Summer is always an exciting season for fashion lovers, mainly thanks to the vibrant new fashion trends, gorgeous pieces to mix and match, and of course some of the best shoes to go along with your outfits. Here are the summer fashion items you should definitely pick up.


Photo by Inger Maaike

White Denim

White denim is hot and trendy this summer. The fabric works well for the season, offering an excellent combination of warmth and breathability. You can wear white denim and stay comfortable all day long, even when you’re out on a day-out with your friends. As the sun sets and the air gets colder, you’ll love the way denim keeps you comfortable.

A sailor-inspired pair of white jeans, with buttons added for accents, is definitely a must-have. It is very easy to match the piece – and other white denim piece – with the right tops thanks to its neutral colour. You can even go all-white and look fantastic on casual occasions.

The only thing to avoid is stains. White is a very sensitive colour and the last thing you want is to go out with a pair of white culottes that has stains on it. If you’re not sure about wearing white, you can also go for very light colours to get the same effects.

Jersey Dresses

You can never go wrong with jersey dresses; well, almost. The fabric is very comfortable to wear thanks to its mixture of soft-touch texture and elasticity. You can wear a jersey dress to nearly every afternoon occasion. Add a nice pair of sneakers or a matching pair of high heels, and you are all set.

I’m seriously thinking of getting a pair of floral jersey dresses from Look Again myself. The floral print is too good to miss, and the dress’ cuts and design lines suit me nicely. Since Look Again is one of the best pay monthly catalogues today, I can also choose from a wide range of payment options too.

When choosing a jersey dress that suits you, avoid the ones with too many accents. That thick neckline may seem like a good idea at first, but it will only make the dress less breathable. Under the summer weather, a heavy, rather tall neckline is definitely not the way to go.

Gypsy Tops and Tunics

The gypsy tops are making a strong appearance this season. There are some gorgeous prints and cuts to choose from. They are also suitable for different body shapes. If you want to flaunt those beautiful shoulders of yours this season, a gypsy top – such as the floral top from Buffalo London – is simply perfect.

Tunics work great too. They are simple, light and easy to pair with other fashion pieces. The only thing you need to avoid when wearing tunics is adding too many layers. Tunics are designed to be simple and chic, so focus on adding a subtle amount of accessories and you’ll look gorgeous in one.

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My Dream Closet

Do you ever wonder about your dream closet? I know I do! Reminiscing back to ever since I was able to stand, I loved organizing my clothes and belongings in my bedroom and closet. However, I never felt like I had enough room, and that’s still a big problem in my life! I’m constantly wishing I  had a second closet, and that’s when I heard of MakeSpace, which is a service that comes to your place, picks up your extra items, and stores them for you! Whenever you need something back, you can log onto their app, hit which items you need back, and they bring them back to your doorstep. They’re available in a number of self storage locations and rapidly expanding!

So after hearing about MakeSpace, I got an idea to write about my dream closet if I could design it right here and now. I will admit, it’s one of my most pinned items on Pinterest. I love looking at pictures upon pictures of closets that are bigger than the master bedroom in my house! Racks on racks of shoes, the latest outfits, and maybe even a glass topped island like the picture below, filled with all my jewelry or my two prized possession Michael Kors bags!


Some of my recent favorite closets I’ve seen came from the new Emma Roberts show “Scream Queens” that includes, a two story closet, with a princess-like balcony around the top! All the shoes are the centerpiece, with the beautiful bags on the left, and the organized by color (what I did as a kid) rest of the wardrobe on the right! Organization was a big issue for me growing up, even to the point where my mom would have to leave my clean clothes in a pile on my bed so I could organize them by style, color, and season, so you know this would be my main concern in my dream closet.


In addition, I always have loved the movie “Clueless” that starred Cher, who had a computer controlled closet! Yes, I did not say that wrong, she got to pick her outfit out on her computer, see how it looked on her, and pressed the big “Get Dressed” button and poof, absolute magic! I’m pretty sure every birthday when I blew out the candles, my wish was always to wake up the next day to having Cher’s closet



Last but not least, the last part I would love in my dream closet, is a cute staircase like I found in this one below.The staircase allows for a neat shoe organizer to be put down the side of them, and makes the closet look really rich as there is an underpass that connects to the other side of the closet. The picture even says that this closet is only accessible from the bedroom, making it even cooler! That way it can dub as my secret hideout, I think all I would need to add is a TV (with a NetFlix subscription), and a small love seat so I can sprawl out.


So, snap back to reality, and back into my dreams go all of my dream closet secrets I just shared with you. I’ll keep wishing every birthday, anytime I see a shooting star, and every time I pick up a four leaf clover. Because a girl can dream right?!

Let me know what you would do for your dream closet, I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

– Jessica

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Caring for your Asphalt Driveway

Daily life can take its toll on your asphalt driveway leaving it stained, damaged and looking its worse. Of course, most people know that they should have their driveway seal coated to help prolong its life, but few know of how to properly care for their asphalt driveway. Thankfully, the following are and maintenance tips will help ensure your asphalt driveway stays looking its best for years to come.

Prevent Spills
Stains are one of the most common problems that negatively affect the appearance of your driveway. However, stains aren’t the only problem caused by spills. Gasoline and oil can deteriorate the asphalt driveway, which could lead to an expensive repair bill. The good news is that preventing spills is a rather easy task. Furthermore, make sure to keep an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, on hand to clean up any gas or oil spills that do occur.

Repair Damage Promptly
Far too often, people overlook driveway damage, such as cracks and holes, and don’t really pay it any mind until the damage is far more substantial. This really is a shame since most small damage can be fixed yourself by simply filling in the cracks with products designed just for that. If you wait, however, until the problem becomes worse, you will need to hire asphalt driveway repair companies to fix the damage.

Those Pesky Weeds
Weeds and grass seemingly pop up anywhere, so it’s not uncommon to find them pushing through the asphalt. If you allow the vegetation to continue to grow, you are only making the problem worse. That is why it is important to deal with the problem before it gets worse. Spot weed killer works well for taking care of this annoying problem. If, however, you find trees or other large plants growing through the asphalt, you will need to completely remove it, roots and all. Of course, you can help prevent this from occurring by simply filling in any cracks you find.

Don’t Forget the Edges
Your driveway’s edges are actually the weakest part. This is because it doesn’t have the support that other areas of the driveway has. Because of this, you must take care not to drive on the edge. Doing so can cause crack and the driveway edge to crumble. Some experts recommend building the soil up near the edges of the driveway. This will provide room for the water to drain properly and the sod to grow. Furthermore, the built up soil helps to provide support to the edges.

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More People Calling Colorado Home Because of Beauty and Policy

The state of Colorado is attracting more visitors than ever. It’s also attracting more people who’ve finally decided they’re tired of living in a place without mountains. Colorado is known for its beauty. From Rocky Mountain National Park, where people routinely go to climb mountains, to the southern reaches of Durango, more people than ever are interested in calling themselves residents of Colorado. This is why Durango Colorado homes for sale are going as quick today as they’ve ever gone before.

Durango real estate is flying off the shelves for a few simple reasons. People are buying homes because Durango has natural beauty. Like much of Colorado, Durango is mountainous. It includes those canyons and stone-carved mountains that are typically found in the American West. For those people who just can’t stand the thought of waking up in the morning without the beauty of the mountains, Durango has proven to be an excellent destination.

In addition to being beautiful, Durango is cheaper than some other Colorado destinations. Moving to Denver, Boulder, Vail, or Aspen can cost an arm and a leg. If you want to move to Colorado Springs or some other part of the state, you can expect to pay up for property or houses. Even the rental markets in those places are very high, making it difficult for people to move there in advance of purchasing a home. Durango doesn’t have this problem. Rather, Durango is a place where people can go to find a deal. Some people even choose to live there in order to work in Farmington, New Mexico, which sits only a few miles away.

Colorado has become a much more popular destination not just because of beauty and price. People are also moving to Colorado because of the policy there. Colorado has quite obviously made the decision to legalize marijuana, but a host of other policies have helped to make Colorado one of the freest places in the United States. Citizens are finding that if they purchase real estate in Durango or elsewhere in Colorado, they’ll be able to take advantage of a political environment that values their personal autonomy. While this might not be a draw for all home buyers, many potential buyers have found that the politics and the people suit them. Those factors have helped to drive the population growth.

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