Playing The Piano

It’s been ages since I have last played the piano. I think my fingers are already stiff and needs a lot of practise to condition them again.

I took piano lessons when I was just 6 or 7 and played until I was 13. During those time, I only had 2 piano teachers who were both passionate about teaching the rudiments of playing the piano. My first teacher (unfortunately, I cannot remember her name) was a piano teacher by heart. She would give me assignments that I would practise at home. And we didn’t own any piano that time so I would practise pounding my tiny fingers on the coffee table, much to the amazement of my family.

I learned to read the worksheet and managed to moved my way up to the more complex pieces. I haven’t tried the super complex ones yet, just the mellow pieces where I could read with ease.  I haven’t tried playing pieces like heart and soul piano sheet music but I am sure, if one of my piano teachers would play this piece, they would do justice and would beautifully execute them.

I miss playing the piano. I wish I can still flex my fingers and tap the scales again. I have honestly forgotten how to read some of the notes and I couldn’t remember the terminologies now. Maybe in time and constant practise, I will remember them like they were just yesterday.


Beautiful Fall Mantle Decoration

The cool breeze in the morning is ushering the coming of autumn. And all the more I am getting very excited to have our dream home constructed. Looking at beautiful pictures of houses with fireplace mantles to accommodate the decorations you can put for every season is just inviting. I found these pictures in the internet and I am saving them for inspiration. These pictures will give me the design ideas I need for my faux fireplace’s mantle.

They are all pretty and I think they will look great in our dream home.

(Photo credit:


What is a School Band?

I’m sure you’ve heard of boy bands, girls bands, and rock bands. How about school bands? Well, if you’re thinking they are a group of musically inclined young people who are passionate in playing their favourite musical instrument and showcasing their talent for the whole school to enjoy and be proud of, then you’re absolutely right.

A school band consists of the band members, their conductor, and the band’s musical instruments like brass, woodwind, percussion including those nice drum sets with 14 x 12 snare drums, and the string instruments for the upper level school bands who plays at concert halls too.

School bands play on various school events like sports’ fest, graduations, awarding ceremonies, and they even play on competitions with other schools for a prize.


Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice

It’s official! It’s going to be pumpkin here, pumpkin there, and pumpkin everywhere! Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and what do we normally remember about Fall that makes as pause and feel good aside from the pretty vista? The coming holidays, that is! And aside from the holidays, we will be seeing many orange and warm hued stuff around us and it’s going to be lots of them too.

Now that is officially Fall, it’s going to be the time for pumpkins, and pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin pies. But how do you make those yummy treats without the main kick – the pumpkin spice? Well, it’s very simply and it won’t take so much of your time to gather and prepare this staple when making those scrumptious pumpkin flavoured goodies.

Here’s your simple pumpkin spice recipe mix!


(Artwork by yours truly :) ©Ria Cervantes/



Seattle Seahawks Themed Wedding For the Football Fans

Ready for an awesome wedding? Why not help your website visitors combine the two best things together…the Seahawks (or your whatever your favourite team is) and their partners. Sport themes like football wedding themes are becoming a popular choice for fall due to the sports’ season . Now is the perfect time to create some evergreen replica for a sport wedding theme.

Below you’ll find a product grid that features some great products for a Seahawks themed wedding.

Seattle Seahawks WinCraft Set of 10 Adhesive Gift Tags

Surprise the happy couple when all of the labels on their gifts are SeaHawks themed. These are awesome for a football wedding!

Football Field Chip ‘n Dip Server

One thing the bride and groom should never do is forget to eat during their big day. Use this fun serving tray for fruits as well as chips and dip to have a fun reminder for them to have a snack and relax.

Touchdown Paper Table Runner

This fun table runner not only helps to protect a table at a reception, but it also makes an awesome souvenir and gift for the couple.

Chocolate Sports Balls

These chocolate footballs make the perfect snacks for the bride and groom on game…I mean wedding day. They’re also the perfect candy to have sitting around for guests as well as to fill their favor boxes and bags with.

Seattle Seahawks Woven Poly Striped Tie

Ready to save some budget? Give the groomsmen ties as their gift and also have them match while they watch the happy couple get married.

Seattle Seahawks Bow Tie

Why should the groomsmen have all the fun? The groom can match perfectly with this classy bowtie, available in other teams as well…but why would you want those?

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