Design Ideas For Your Bare Basement

My husband’s family home has a basement that is already divided and fully functional so there is nothing much to be done, just aesthetic improvements. However, if you are a homeowner who is lucky enough to have an extra room in the house like a bare basement then this post will be a good inspiration board for your upcoming project!

Don’t know what to do with that bare basement? Here are some suggestions for you:

Create a family hang-out area

You can bring the fun in your bare basement no matter the size of the room. A sofa lounger, a big screen TV, a mini bar on the side for the mum and dad, and a good surround system to enjoy movie night with the whole family! Place some comfy pet beds too for your fur babies who shouldn’t miss the fun.

Make a sports and recreation room

A lot of families are active and are well into sports. Divide the basement into two, one for workout and the other for sports recreation like a dart board on one wall, a mini golf putting area, and maybe you can put a nice modern pool table as well. Having an Ozone pool table in your basement is a good addition for a more fun and happy gathering with family and friends.

Use as a laundry and utility area

If you wish to make the basement for utility use, then put your separate laundry and utility room there to make the space functional. That way, you don’t cram a nice laundry room in your main floor when you can have a complete sink, a washer and dryer side-by-side, a space for pressing and folding, and even linen closet to complete the work. Then the other half can be your utility room where the heater and other controls are. You can even put your cleaning stuff in a space with shelves and cabinet so they are all neatly kept and tidy.

Make an arts and craft studio

If you are into arts and craft and could use a big space to hold all those precious craft supplies then convert your basement into your own craft studio. You can install shelves, bookcases, cabinets, tables with desktop or laptop, space for your paper cutters, sewing machines and more! No more hiding your arts and crafts supplies in many places in your home and occupying your dining table for your projects. With your own craft studio, you can have everything you need within reach and in one specific place.

Use it as a rental

Yes, make money out of it. If you are able to provide a separate entrance for the basement, perhaps you can convert it into a small studio depending on the size of your basement. You can have it as a rental or list it in Air BnB

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