Dental Care For Your Dogs

Just like us, our dogs also experience dental issues that should never be disregarded. It is advisable to check for signs if your dog needs to go for an oral check-up since leaving them untreated might lead to tooth loss or even some serious issues we don’t want our furbaby to face.

There are certain signs to watch out for when your pet starts having dental issues. And when you see one or some of them, please take them to the vet for proper care and treatment.

Unpleasant breath (simply put, bad breath!)

Though our pets tend to have a certain “normal breath” that is rather still not pleasant to smell because they do not get regular brushing of teeth as we do. And when you start smelling a rather different kind of bad breath, it can mean that your pet is starting to have dental issues that can be remedied if taken to the vet for a check-up and care.

Stained teeth

Teeth at the back of the mouth which are turning yellowish or deep yellow mean tartar build-up and must be addressed quickly before they can become problematic. It goes with bad breath and bacteria build-up in the mouth which is not very good. Professional cleaning should be done to your furbaby to remove plaque and tartar build-up and prevent the onset of gum and other dental diseases.

Pawing the face

If you often see your dog pawing on its face then it’s time to check its mouth for any signs of dental issues or even infection and pain. The sooner you catch the problem, the better it is resolved and it helps your furbaby so much to have a clean mouth.

Loose or broken teeth

Our pets love gnawing on hard chew toys and bones and may sometimes chip their tooth or loosen but if that happens, it is still best to take your pet to the vet for proper dental care. Loosening teeth can pose serious issues for your pet’s dental health. For one, it can mean that the binding holding the tooth may let bacteria get in or when the root opens due to hard biting, it may get infected as well.

Prevention is really the best cure for our pet’s dental and oral health. You can try cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly before or after grooming at home. You can try some of these products too to help with dental care and promote good oral health.

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