Biggest Mistakes Parents Make

Parents usually don’t realize the mistakes they make in their routine. They stay unaware of the consequences and don’t realize that they are destroying their kids’ physical and mental health. However, it doesn’t mean that they make these mistakes intentionally; they just give don’t enough importance to such issues and end up creating a messy scenario for their kids. That’s why we have identified some biggest mistakes that parents make in their daily lives. 

These mistakes are usually associated with parenting methods. People who follow the worst style are more likely to make these mistakes, but sometimes parents with a good parenting style still make a few of these mistakes. Read and compare these common mistakes with yours, and if you are making any of them, stop practicing them today because it is essential for your kid’s mental and physical health.

Parents don’t give their kids enough quality time

Giving quality time to your kids is the best way to get emotionally attached to them. This is the time when you understand your kid’s problems and try to solve them. If you don’t spend time with them, they will have no one to share their issues with. It results in creating a chunk of problems in their mind, which causes depression and anxiety problems.

We know it is not possible to spend all day with kids because you have so many things to do like office work and household chores, but still, you can give at least 30 minutes a day to your kid. You can spend those 30 minutes talking with them or even playing with them. It will make your bond stronger with your kid and help your kid release the stress in his mind by sharing his problems with you. They will feel supported and loved, which is beneficial for their mental health.

Always saving your kid from failure

Usually, parents can’t see their kids getting fail or making struggles. Instead of helping them understand the problem and solve it independently, parents solve challenges themselves and let the kid relax. They don’t realize that failure is the biggest part of success. A person who learns from his failures tends to become the most successful person.

Teaching to solve problems is another thing. However, solving your kid’s challenges/tasks won’t make your kid independent. Kids who raise under this behavior are likely to rely on someone all the time. For example, if you are doing your kid’s homework, then what will you do in the exams? Will you always be there for him? Definitely not. So it doesn’t matter if kids get failed in any task or challenge. Just tell them where they did wrong, boost up their morale, and let them do this again. That’s how they’ll become mentally strong and learns to solve problems on their own.

Too many expectations

Some parents start expecting too much from their kids. Without realizing their kids’ capacity, they too much pressure on their minds. We are not saying that you shouldn’t expect from your kid. All parents want their children to become successful in life, but those expectations should be realistic.

Parents should keep their kids’ age and capacity in mind while expecting something from them. Having unrealistic expectations for children may make create low self-esteem and confidence issues in them. It affects badly on the mind. Failing to fulfill parents’ demands for years, children start to believe that they can never achieve anything in life. 

No rules implementation

We know too many strict rules make the kids frustrated and create anger issues among them. We don’t support it either. However, you should keep in mind that too much freedom is also harmful to the kid. Your child should know that you are the boss. Set up some boundaries like the kids should know the appropriate time of leaving and entering the house. There should be strict rules to finish homework before watching TV or playing a video game. The kids should know how to behave well. Give rewards for their good behavior and let them know about the consequences of bad choices.

Not being a good role model

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. They always see their parents as a role model. If the kids grow up seeing their parents as loving, well-mannered, kind-hearted, and responsible, they are also likely to become like them. If you have set up some rules in your home, make sure you are also following them. If a kid sees you breaking the rules, they will also be likely to become a rule breaker. You need to stay calm and control your anger issues, especially in front of your kids. Otherwise, these issues will likely develop in kids’ behavior as well.

Another issue occurs as we become old. The older we become, the harder it becomes for us to take care of ourselves. We find it hard to develop healthy habits like work out and healthy eating, as the kids see parents as their role models, so kids can also adopt such bad habits. 

No limitation on screen time

Nowadays, we have seen many kids spending hours on TV, video games, and phones. Without realizing their consequences, parents allow kids spend hours on such devices. They should know, it is harmful to the eyes and also for mental health. It is also responsible for creating behavior problems among kids. They learn and try to follow what they see on the TV. Such kids are likely to become obese, perform poorly in academics. That’s why parents should strictly limit the time to watch TV or play video games. According to AAP, kids under two years should spend time on screen, and after that, the screen time shouldn’t be more than 1 hour. 

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