Things About Dog Food That You Should Know

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Many dog owners prefer to feed their dogs dry food available commercially in supermarkets, veterinary clinics, and pet stores. They are convenient, easy to feed and store. There are others who cook their homecooked dog food. While there are also others who prefer to raw feed their pooches. This post is about the regular dog kibbles we buy commercially to feed our precious fur babies.

Dry dog food has a lower moisture level

Unlike canned dog food, kibble-style dog food has lower moisture level content. Every dog food product, whether they are canned or dry-packed food, must indicate or list the Guaranteed Analysis (GA) on the label. The GA has to indicate four main nutrients like protein, fat, fiber, and moisture in the food pack.

They contain “byproduct”

Byproduct is the term used for ground-up parts of the animal carcass including the organs and bones. However, do not shudder by this revelation. They can be very nutritious too just like the muscle meats. 

They have grains and cornmeal

Dry pet food contains grains and cornmeal which are common ingredients in commercially made dog food. They are used in dry dog food for carbohydrates, as fillers, and for added shape and crunch. 

Has long shelf life

Dry dog food is handled differently from canned pet food. They have some preservatives to prevent from spoiling and to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. The preservatives used are strictly regulated by the government and have to be recognized as generally safe for consumption, and have been given the approval to be a food additive.

Now you have an idea about your dog food, it is all up to you whether you will switch or stick with your dog’s meal plan and preferred food. There is plenty of high-grade dry dog food in the market which guarantees safe consumption by your pets. Ask your vet for a dry kibble recommendation that will be good for your pooch. You may check Trudog all natural Food and try TruDog + Halo Meal Solution too.

Whatever type of food you prepare for your dogs is all up to you now. This information is to provide awareness on commercially produced dog food. There are plenty of high-quality dog foods and you have to be vigilant on food recalls. Make sure you check the ingredients and that your precious fur babies do not have any allergic reactions to dry food.

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