Tips for Your Family Reunion

Gathering as a family can take a great deal of planning, but it is so worth it. When you have your cousins all gathered together sharing stories of your childhood, you will be glad you made the effort. Here are some tips to get you started.

Set a Date

Some families have an annual reunion on the same weekend each year. If you aren’t that structured, then be sure to plan the date far enough ahead. Your attendance will increase if the family has time to juggle their work schedules and book flights at a better rate.


Don’t take on the project by yourself. Take turns hosting your reunions and use committees. One cousin will naturally be better at planning the food, another will be ideal to decorate. Activities and games can have their own committee. 


Getting the word out is easier than ever before. No need for printed invitations that have to be addressed and stamped. Start a group on social media just for this reunion where you can share the details and answer questions. 

Capture Memories

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Ask a few of your family members to take candid photos throughout the day to capture some of the activities. Get close-up shots of small groups as they visit. You should also get an entire family photo Park City UT with everyone in attendance. Since you want everyone in the picture, you may want to hire a photographer to be there for the large group images. Organize an online folder where everyone can upload the pictures they took, and share the link with everyone. They can download and make copies of the photos they want to keep.

Follow Up

Have each of the committees write down what their costs were and the details of their duties. Combine each of the reports on a spreadsheet or in a printed booklet. It will help next year’s reunion committee to have an idea of where to start.

Have a wonderful time with your family. If you have shared the work, you will have a glorious gathering.

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