Tips for Kitchen Safety in a Restaurant

There are many ways for things to go wrong in a kitchen, but a busy restaurant kitchen amplifies the risk and can leave restaurant owners vulnerable to lawsuits from injured employees. No hardworking restaurant owner wants to lose his or her life savings due to a preventable lawsuit. Maintaining proper safety protocols in restaurants can keep employees safe and restaurant owners in business. 

1. Proper Equipment Upkeep

Train your employees properly on all kitchen equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper use of all equipment keeps equipment running smoothly and safely. In addition to proper use of equipment, be sure to have your kitchen equipment regularly serviced in accordance with the owner’s manual for each piece of equipment.

2. Appropriate Fire Safety Protocol

Ensure fire safety by installing fire detection and suppression New York equipment in your restaurant. Additionally, keep multiple fire extinguishers handy in the kitchen in accordance with your local municipality’s fire safety regulations. Keep employees trained on fire safety procedures such as how to use a fire extinguisher and how to quickly put out a grease fire. Train employees on how to shut off gas or electric power sources in the event of an emergency. 

3. Correct Kitchen Tool Utilization

Train employees on how to use basic kitchen tools, such as knives, safely. Be sure to provide employees with tools to prevent injury, including pot holders, cut-resistant gloves and basic rubber gloves. Lining the kitchen floor with skid-resistant mats can prevent slips and falls. Further, keep a first aid kit readily available in your restaurant’s kitchen and train kitchen staff on how to administer basic first aid properly. 

Restaurant kitchens can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to workplace injuries. Keep your employees safe and your restaurant running by implementing basic restaurant safety protocols for equipment upkeep, fire safety and proper utilization of tools. 

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