Simple Tops: Complete Your Summer Casual Look

It’s summer! And public places are starting to open one by one, albeit with safety precautions to observe. This is the time to whip out those cotton tees, slim jeans, shorts, linen loose pants, and chiffony dress for an everyday complete summer casual look.

Summer’s heat can soar into the 100s F in the US and other parts of the world. Wearing the proper types of fabric and clothing during this season is crucial to not only feel comfortable but still remain stylish while braving the summer heat.

There are plenty of casual and simple tops that you can add to your summer staples and cotton tees are definitely one of them.

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T-shirts made of cotton allows for good absorption of perspiration aside from keeping air circulation in your body. It does not leave you feeling sticky while out and about. Aside from that, there are plenty of designs with simple texts or graphics to complement your jeans, shorts, and even maxi skirt to complete that summer casual look.

You can get these cute, simple, and yet fun shirts and blouses from boutique tops like My Sister’s Closet Boutique. They carry many simple t-shirts and billowy blouses that are fun and girly. Their graphics are not too loud and perfect for rocking that simple yet stylish chic vibe. Other online boutique tops also offer many simple patterned styles and boho-chic looks in their collection. Summer will definitely not be a boring one for the different kinds of fashionistas who enjoy wearing simple yet stylish outfits.

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You can accentuate the look with a hat or bandana and cute flip flops or sandals for added comfort, making your simple tops pop!

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