Educate Your Children the Waldorf Way

As a parent, only the best will do for your children. This goes double for their education, starting from the earliest stages and continuing through college. However, all schools have their own philosophies, and it’s important to find a program that fits your child’s personality. For over a century, the Waldorf system has been used in elite schools across the country and around the world.

The Waldorf Difference

Waldorf teaching methods were the brainchild of philosopher Rudolf Steiner, particularly his idea of “anthroposophy.” However, since all schools are run independently, the more spiritual or esoteric elements of Steiner’s worldview are largely sidelined for a secular approach.

Waldorf schools do share a holistic model, with lessons across all subjects reinforcing one another. Creativity is also fostered from early childhood as a basis for later critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

A Classroom Family

While individual schools differ, the Waldorf curriculum supports kids from preschool and kindergarten Arlington MA through secondary school. Efforts are made to ensure each class stays together through their entire education, often having the same teacher for several years. Rather than their perceived aptitude, students are sorted according to temperament, based on the ancient Greek concept of the “four humours.”

Creating Young Artists

Waldorf schools have always placed great importance on the arts. Especially during the primary phase of instruction, art is integrated into every lesson, regardless of subject. Art and music are core classes throughout the entire Waldorf curriculum, including the unique art of “eurythmy.” Textbooks and formal tests are de-emphasized in favor of hands-on experience. This emphasis on imagination and natural learning precludes screen time for students younger than teenagers. Perhaps counterintuitively, this approach has been praised by prominent tech executives, who have enrolled their own children in Waldorf schools.

A century after the first school was founded, Waldorf academies are found on every inhabited continent. Contact your nearest Waldorf school for more information.

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