Tips to Follow to Floss Properly

Having proper oral and dental hygiene is extremely important. Those that brush and floss a couple of times per day will be able to keep their teeth clean, which should help them last much longer without concern of cavities and other challenges. Flossing continues to be an important part of any dental care ritual. There are several tips that anyone should follow that can help teach them how to floss properly. 

Use the Right Amount of Floss

One mistake that a lot of people make is to use too little floss. The general recommendation today is to use up to 12 to 18 inches of floss each time you floss your teeth. This will give you enough floss to wrap it completely around your index fingers, which will give you the most control. It will also provide enough to use a different part of the existing floss for each tooth. Another option is to use handheld flossers, which do not require you to use as much at one time. 

Floss Technique

When you are flossing, using the right technique is important. To do this, you will need to floss in between each tooth on both the top and bottom. You should carefully rub the floss against the inside and outside edges of each tooth and around the base of the tooth at the gum line. It is important to ensure you are scraping both sides of each tooth but not apply so much pressure that it could cause your gums to bleed. 

Floss First

While most people know that they should brush and floss at least a couple of times per day, the sequence of both activities is not as clear. According to the AAO, it would be better to floss your teeth first. When you floss first, it can help to free up more challenging pieces of food or plaque that are between your teeth. Additionally, when you floss first the process of flossing will not remove the fluoride and other cleaning agents that come with typical toothpaste. 

Floss with Threaders

While people in most situations will find that using standard floss or flossers is convenient, if you have braces, a bridge, or even a permanent wire in your mouth, using standard flossers may not be possible. In these cases, you should use a floss threader. These are small plastic needles that will allow you to pass floss over the braces or bridge to ensure that you are cleaning near your teeth. This can help to prevent decay even when you have braces in place. 

Taking care of your teeth is extremely important. While it is important that you floss the right way, seeing a dentist for regular checkups and thorough cleanings is also quite important. When you need to contact a dentist, Valley Wide Dental can be a great practice to speak with. When you do call the team here, you can learn more about Valley Wide and schedule an appointment to come in for a full dental checkup and cleaning service. 

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