Tips To Entertain Grandchildren

Once you have graduated to the role of grandparent, many times the house has been purged of children’s toys. Here are some ideas to help you keep those young ones busy when they visit your home, or when you visit theirs.

Read to Them

A wonderful way to capture a child’s attention is to gather them on your lap and read to them. Invest in some illustrated children’s books that will entertain preschoolers with the pictures and older children with the story. Dedicate an area where older grandchildren and adults can sit quietly and read on their own. 

Play With Water

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Young children will spend a long time pouring water back and forth from one cup to another. They also love to have a tea party and pretend their stuffed animals are their party guests. Water play can also involve anything from running through the sprinklers to taking a bath. Remember to stay in the room with any young ones playing with water or bathing. Safety first!

Outside Games

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Some popular outside games involve anything with a ball. They can kick, throw, play catch or shoot baskets. If your backyard is large and level enough to host a game, teens might like playing volleyball or soccer. Another option is to head to the park or nearest playground. Fresh air and sun can be an ideal way to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Bake Cookies

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Who doesn’t enjoy freshly-baked cookies? Your grandchildren will be happy to stand by your side or on a stool if needed. They can help you measure and stir and then place the dough on the baking sheet. They will be even more delicious with the love baked into those special cookies. 

Spending time with your grandchildren can go smoothly if you have a plan. Make those memories be ones they will think about and smile for years to come.

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