How To Decide if Your Family Needs Therapy

Sometimes a third-party perspective can help get family issues under control so you can get back to building strong relationships. There’s nothing wrong with needing some counseling to increase communication and understanding between family members. If you have a child with a disability or behavioral disorders, this can place a lot of stress on a family and counseling can help tremendously. Therapy can be one of the healthiest things to do before family ties are severed completely.

Problem Areas

Family psychiatry Northbrook IL can address various topics to help families reconnect with each other. One of the most common things families start therapy for are children’s behavioral issues, such as withdrawal, school problems, drug or alcohol abuse, sexual activity, telling lies or tantrums. Family therapy can give each person tools to communicate and work towards healthier behavior.

If the marriage is crumbling, children are affected as well. Counseling can help each person in the family cope with the lack of communication and stress.

When the parent and child relationship is dysfunctional, it can also be time for counseling. Parents can cause harm through physical or emotional neglect, favoritism, inconsistent discipline or unrealistic expectations.

Shared trauma can also lead to a need for support from a counselor. Things like the death of a loved one, financial stresses, natural disasters or critical illnesses can bring up intense emotions that can lead to behavioral issues that need to be addressed.

Getting Started

As your therapist gets to know each person in the family, he or she will use various methods to engage each member. Healthy coping skills will be taught and practiced between each session so your family can begin to heal.

Strengthening the bonds of your family is crucial for life-long relationships between parents and children and between siblings. Build a thriving family unit when you start therapy today.

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