The Advantages of Adjustable Window Screens

There are many different living situations where full-sized window screen panels are not an option. If you’re renting an apartment or home, your property owner may not allow for screens to be affixed to the windows. For house flippers, you may not wish to install window screens on the house to give buyers the opportunity to do as they wish. Maybe you plan to install full-sized screens throughout your home, but just haven’t around to it just yet. For all of these scenarios, adjustable window screens are an excellent option. They offer a range of benefits with the main one being they are non-permanent solutions. Check out these useful perks of owning adjustable window screens to see if they’re the right choice for your needs.

They’re Affordable

Since they don’t need to be assembled or made to custom fit your windows, adjustable window screens are incredibly affordable. You can expect them to cost around $20, whereas full-sized window screens are roughly $25 to $50 depending on the size and chosen screen material. To totally outfit your home with custom screens can be very costly. With these adjustable window screens, you can more easily afford to purchase several to use throughout your home. For home flippers, these offer an easy and cost-effective solution to allow fresh air into a space while your team works. When you’re finished remodeling a home, you can use them in the next flipper home!

No Hardware Needed

Adjustable window screens are incredibly easy to install. Since there is no hardware needed, you simply open a window, expand the sides of the screen to fit the open space, and close the window back down onto it. That’s it! You’ll get all the fresh air in your home while keeping pesky insects out. They’ll also provide a bit of daytime privacy, giving you peace of mind when you open your windows.

They’re Temporary 

If you’re living in a rental home, you must follow the guidelines listed in your lease. Otherwise, you could be fined, which is something nobody wants to deal with. Adjustable window screens are entirely temporary! Once you’re finished using your open windows during the evening or night, you’ll bring the screens back inside and close your windows. There is no risk of damage to the window frames, so you can use these screens to reap the benefits of fresh air without worrying about violating your leasing terms!

Available in Different Sizes

It doesn’t really matter what size windows you have in your home, as these screens can be purchased in various heights. Some are sold 15” tall while others are 18”. You can easily find the right adjustable window screen for the windows of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and elsewhere. They also typically come in neutral colors like black or grey, so they’ll blend in with your home décor. 

They Offer Child and Pet Protection

Worried about curious pets escaping through the open windows? Don’t want to leave them open with your young children around? These concerns are entirely reasonable and make sense as to why you’ve never really gotten to use your windows in the past. Luckily, adjustable window screens offer the solution you’ve been looking for without spending a fortune. These screens act as a barrier, so you can feel more at ease when opening a window when the kids and pets are bustling around your home. It’s important that you ensure the screens are fitted tightly in the window frame. It is notable that while these screens act as a barrier to the outside world, they are not 100% child or pet-proof! 

Overall, adjustable window screens can make a huge difference in your home. If you don’t normally use your windows, these will allow you to take full advantage of the spring and summer breeze without bugs flying in or the kids and pets crawling out. These ensure you don’t break the rules of your lease in a rental and exist as an easy alternative when you aren’t ready to install full-size window screens in a home you’ve recently purchased. For house flippers, these can help keep everyone cool while remodeling a house without needing to install more expensive window screens. You truly can’t go wrong when you purchase adjustable window screens!

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