Firstleaf’s Recommended Wedding Wine Pairing

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and one of the most memorable. You and your spouse will talk about that day for the rest of your lives. And people who weren’t even there — like your future children — will hear so much about it, it will be like they were also among the guests. 

What makes a wedding day memorable? One small but important detail is the wine you serve at your wedding.

Wine is traditionally served at weddings, especially if dinner is part of the event. But most of us don’t make a habit of choosing a wine that goes with dinner for 100 or more people. 

The wine subscription service Firstleaf has created a guide to help. How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Wine covers three important facets of choosing your wedding wine.

  • Pairing the wine with food
  • The most popular wedding wines 
  • How to make sure you buy enough!

Pairing Wine with Food

Firstleaf has put together a helpful graphic that shows which wines to pair with with different types of common wedding dinner entrees.

But here’s a unique scenario: What if you choose your wine before you choose your entree?

In fact, that’s exactly what you should do if you have a specific winery in mind. 

Picking a wine from a region or winery that’s especially meaningful is getting more and more popular with couples. Maybe it’s choosing wine from a specific winery they visited on a vacation. Or maybe it’s a wine from the birthplace of one member of the couple. Or perhaps the wedding itself is at a winery, and the couple wants to feature the wine produced on site.

The benefit of picking a unique wine is that you’ll have a story to tell about it during and after the event. The sips of wine your guests take will be a little bit more enjoyable if they know the reason why you chose it. 

And, you can order extra bottles to give as gifts, or to store. Imagine having a bottle of the exact same wine that was served at your wedding on your 5th anniversary … or your 50th!

If you do select a specific wine for your wedding day, that changes how you should approach your food selection. 

Work with the winery to develop a magical pairing that will delight your guests. You can even have your caterer and winemaker work together, and enjoy a sample tasting to see what they come up with. 

If you pick the food and wine separately, the flavors may clash — and that special wine will be memorable for the wrong reasons.

Paying attention to the pairing of your special wine will pay off on your wedding day, with all of the compliments from guests.

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