3 Characteristics of French Country Design

When you envision the French countryside, what comes to mind? If you are like most people, you think about lavender fields and bright sunny days. Though there are many elements that are characteristic of French Country decorating, the resulting feeling that comes out of it is always welcoming, natural, and antiquated. Whether you live in a country house or elegant chateaux, French Country design gives your home a warm and casual feel that you are sure to appreciate. Here are three defining characteristics of French Country design. 

1. Rustic Furniture

French country furniture is rustic in nature. Wood is raw and often hand-carved. Common elements include a large dining table with a dull finish and accent chairs with intricately carved details. As opposed to modern furnishings that have clean lines, when a home is decorated in a French Country style, its furniture has curves. Because comfort is the goal, seating is cozy and plush. According to House Beautiful, the most representative piece of French Country furniture is the Louis XVI chair, as it has a natural wooden frame with an upholstered linen cushion. 

2. Patterns Are Utilized

The beautiful colors of the French countryside are the inspiration for the fabric patterns used in French Country homes. Patterns such as plaids, stripes, checks, and toile are commonly found. French Country prints such as sunflowers, lavender, roosters, and olives are often used to decorate cotton or linen table linens and curtain panels. 

3. Decor Blends Old With the New

Minimalism isn’t a part of French Country design. A myriad of accessories is used to combine the old with the new. For example, antique chandeliers, clocks, and mirrors may be combined with new pitchers, vases, and ceramics to create a look that is visually unique. The design aesthetic that comes out of it is warm, a little bit old-world, completely sophisticated, and utterly charming. 

An embodiment of soft, airy, and refined class, French Country design will lift your spirits to a place of grace and comfort. 

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