5 Incredibly Unusual Pizzas

What will you order on your next family pizza night? Will you call up your local pizza house Bridgeport CT with the usual? You will probably order an All Meat Deluxe, or if you feel like changing it up, maybe you will make it Hawaiian this week. But wait. Why not really spice things up and try something totally different? With some customized ordering or at-home cooking creativity, you can have a taste of one of these incredibly unusual pizzas.

1. Dill Pickle Hamburger Pizza

This half-pickle-half-cheeseburger pizza is the perfect way to step outside your pizza comfort zone. Mayonnaise and pickle juice toppings blend together to create a pizza that is delightfully fun.

2. Shrimp and Crab Pizza

Who wants seafood? Combining shrimp and crab makes a delicious treat. Throw in some mushrooms and Alfredo sauce, and you are all set.

3. Baked Potato Pizza

Nothing is cozier than a warm baked potato, fresh from the oven. The only way to make a baked potato better is by turning it into a pizza. Do not forget the sour cream and bacon!

4. Cadbury Creme Egg Pizza

If you have a sweet tooth, maybe a bunch of Cadbury Creme Eggs piled on top of a pizza can help? This gooey delicacy combines chocolate sauce, marshmallows and brownies. You had better grab a glass of milk.

5. BLT Pizza

Who does not love a good BLT sandwich? When bacon, lettuce and tomato come together, it creates a piece of Heaven between two slices of bread. Why not introduce that flavor to your favorite pizza crust?

When it comes to pizza, everyone has a favorite. For some people, pepperoni and cheese always win the day, and for others, it is veggies all the way. As great as traditions can be, sometimes change can be good. If you feel like you need some excitement in your life, here are five ideas for expanding your pizza horizons.

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