This Winter Give Chai a Try

If you have never tried chai, the upcoming cooler months could be a great time to experiment.

What Is Chai?

Chai originated in India, where “chai” is the word for “tea”. Now it has made its way to coffee shops everywhere because of its delicious taste. If you’re lucky, one near you serves chai so you can try it. You will probably be asked about several choices like whether you want skim or whole milk, and if you want it plain or flavored. Vanilla is a nice addition to the mix of other ingredients.

Although chai is a type of tea, it is certainly not as easy as dunking a tea bag into a cup of hot water. In India, the traditional way to make chai is to boil spices, black tea, sugar, milk and water in a pot on the stove. 

Is There an Easier Way to Make It?

If gathering the ingredients and heating them together sounds too much like cooking to you, there are easier ways of getting that delicious warmth and taste. There are chai teabags, which are OK in a pinch, but definitely won’t taste as good as fresh ingredients. Plus, you’ll still need to add milk.

A better idea is to get something like Oregon chai tea Michigan which is a concentrate for fresher and more intense taste. 

Is It Nutritious?

Surprisingly, chai has many health benefits as well as being a delicious treat on a cold day. The traditional spices can help everything from an upset stomach to aching joints. It can even contribute to heart health. Also, since it has caffeine, but less than coffee, you could drink it throughout the day and you should not get the stomach upset that too many cups of coffee can cause.

Chai may be new to you, but it is actually very old. See for yourself why it has been popular since 1835.

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