Things to Consider When Choosing a Church

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Christianity emphasizes the importance of belonging to a Bible-believing church. However, the number of options may be overwhelming.


Christianity has been divided into several denominations. These denominations typically believe in the same Bible and may even preach similar lessons, but the way they teach, preach and practice may differ. You may have personal requirements, such as a church with a Baptist minister or Full-Gospel church. If you have a denomination preference, consider narrowing down your search by denomination first.

Church Doctrine

What does the church believe? For example, does it believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to heaven, the Bible is the word of God, the existence of heaven and hell and salvation is through faith and acceptance? Your church’s beliefs should be based on the Bible and what it says about these issues.

Bible Teaching

During church services, is the Bible referenced and taught? Your service should be fully based on God’s Word. It should discuss aspects of Christianity and emphasize God’s plan and call for the Church and individual Christians. Are you challenged to grow in your faith and in discipleship?


Church services should be focused on worshipping God. Pay attention to what you enjoy or dislike about the services, including the music, language and prayer. Search for a church that is right for you, and don’t let the service’s characteristics distract you from worshipping and learning. Many churches offer multiple services that have different formats, so if your church meets all your other expectations, ask about other services.


Not only do you want opportunities to be involved in the church, but you want your church to be involved in the community. It should offer outreach opportunities.

It can take time to find a home church, so be patient and do your homework.

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