Top 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Catfish

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If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your protein intake and expand your culinary palate, you may have thought about trying fried catfish Plano. Catfish, a white fish found in both saltwater and freshwater, is a surprisingly healthy source of protein, omega fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, it has several unexpected health benefits that could make trying this new food more than worth it.

1. It Contains Omega Fatty Acids

If you’ve ever heard that you should eat fish because it contains heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, you’ll be happy to know that catfish is no exception. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your diet and provide a slew of health benefits, from lowering inflammation to improving triglyceride levels to possibly helping with stiffness or joint pain. Although you may have heard that you should cut back on fat in your diet, omega-3 fatty acids are one type of fat you’ll definitely want to incorporate.

2. It’s a Good Source of Vitamin B12

Catfish provides a rich source of vitamin B12, which plays a number of important roles and can usually only be taken from animal sources. Vitamin B12 is key to blood cell and nerve health, but is not as frequent in commonly eaten food sources as some other vitamins are. This means that eating catfish just once or twice a week can help ensure your B12 levels remain steady.

3. It Provides High Amounts of Protein

Finally, catfish can be a great way to get enough protein in your diet without having to resort to meats high in saturated fats. In fact, one typical catfish fillet contains almost half your daily value of protein! This can provide a lean, strength-building nutrient source.

If you’re looking for new foods to try and simple, delicious ways to add more nutrients to your diet, consider giving catfish a try. Whether fried, broiled or mixed into a stew, this whitefish can make a surprisingly healthy addition to any diet.

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