Things You Should Know About German Shepherds

German Shepherds have been consistently ranked in the top 10 most popular dogs for decades. Many people are attracted to these dogs’ appearance and personalities. However, before you start searching for German Shepherd puppies for sale Florida, you should know a few things about these amazing dogs.

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German Shepherds are incredibly smart, often learning new skills in just a few repetitions. They also seem to desire pleasing and working with their humans, making them top competitors and working dogs. However, focus on activities and toys that challenge them mentally and always use positive reinforcement in their training.

Nose Leads

Dogs have much stronger senses of smell than humans, but German Shepherds smell everything: the walls, windows, people and even random items on the floor. Their nasal curiosity and scenting strength makes them great police, detection and tracking dogs.


Although they act standoffish with those they don’t know, German Shepherds are incredibly loving and protective of their families, making them great guard or watch dogs. In addition, they are self-confident and don’t seem to fear danger. Your dog will need to be socialized and trained to be around strangers, however.


German Shepherds love to chew on things. They will chew anything that fits in their mouths. Therefore, you must teach your dog not to chew on you or your possessions. Give them appropriate chew toys instead.


These dogs are active, and they will keep you active too because they don’t lounge around. Therefore, you need to provide exercises and activities to keep your dog entertained. You will need to walk them and play with them to burn off their energy, and you and your dog will both get the exercise you need.

Don’t forget that German Shepherds seek loving companionship. If you have chosen to bring a German Shepherd into your family, choose a responsible breeder and develop a training and care plan to ensure their health and happiness.

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