Preparing Your Pet For an Upcoming Trip

Are you a pet owner who’s planning on traveling soon? If your furry friend isn’t coming along for the ride, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare them for your absence. Before you leave town, make sure you check these important steps off your list.

Make Plans With a Boarder or Sitter

Whether you’re planning on cat boarding Tomball TX or prefer to keep your pet at home, make sure you plan ahead well in advance. This is especially true if you’re traveling during peak season when pet care pros stay busy. When picking an option for your pet, don’t forget to ask what’s included with a particular package or service.

Stock Up on Medications and Supplies

Before leaving town, make sure you’re well stocked on the things your pet needs on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. To be well prepared, it’s a good idea to have double what’s needed to avoid any worry of running low on essentials. Have prescriptions filled, buy plenty of pet food, and add some extra treats to the list. Don’t forget to leave the contact information for your vet in case of an emergency.

Take Measures to Help Keep Your Pet Calm and Happy

Many pets find security in the dependable presence of their owners, so you’ll want to take extra steps to help them feel safe while you’re away. Spend some extra time together during the days leading up to your departure. Consider leaving a personal item that helps them feel close to you, like an article of clothing. Keep their favorite toys easily accessible and purchase some extra surprises to keep their spirits up.

Your pet is more than just another animal; they’re a member of your family. Prepare them well for when you’re apart for their health, happiness and well-being.

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