3 Gift Ideas For The Plant Lovers In Any Occasion

The COVID-19 that brought the world to a standstill have actually brought renewed love for the classic hobbies our elders used to love. People have discovered a way to while away their time while on lockdown in very creative ways. A lot of people went back to the basics like cooking, doing arts and crafts, sewing, adopting and fostering pets, and baking. 

The horticulturists have seen a boom in their business too with lots of people caring for plants and going back to gardening. With that in mind, if you happen to know anyone or someone in your family has become a plant-lover, it will be nice to know these gift ideas to wow them on special occasions.

Here are 3 gift ideas to make the plant lovers happy:

A bouquet or a planter with succulents

Photo credit: plantshed.com

A lovely bouquet or a planter filled with their favorite succulents will be a nice addition to their collection of beautiful and thriving plants to tend for. Many flower shops like the ones in NJ flower delivery from Plant Shed and you can have it delivered to their home directly. You can also choose from many plant sellers online on what types of succulents you want to put in the planter to be given. The variety of succulents out there are amazing that even a non-plant lover may appreciate it.

Gardening kit

Photo credit: gardeners.com

A nice gardening kit will be a good surprise gift to the budding gardener. Tending their mini-gardens will be a treat when they use their own shears, spades, and shovels. 

Mini greenhouse 

Photo credit: amazon.com

Another gift idea to surprise your plant-lover family member or friend is a cute and mini greenhouse to store their precious plants. There are many shops offering custom made mini greenhouse. Some are framed with wood while others are metals. You take your pick and gift them their own mini greenhouse to complete their gardening experience.

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