How to Make the Most of Any Salad Bar

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Whether you’re grabbing lunch at your workplace’s cafeteria or enjoying a weekend meal out, opting for a trip to the salad bar is a healthy and often cost-effective way to customize your meal. Next time you decide to hit the salad bar, the following tips will help you to have the best experience possible. In addition, make sure to be respectful of the salad bar equipment as you build your bowl: handle tongs and serving spoons carefully and avoid coughing or sneezing on any common surfaces.

Try Multiple Varieties of Greens

Most salads that you would normally order directly off of a restaurant or food court’s menu contain just one type of lettuce, but a salad bar offers opportunities to mix and match. If romaine lettuce is your typical go-to green, for example, add another texture with spinach or arugula. If you typically shy away from kale, consider stepping out of your comfort zone with a few leaves.

Add Protein

When most people picture a salad, they tend to focus on the veggies, but topping your bowl with a protein will add to the overall flavor of the salad and ensure that you stay full for a longer period of time after eating. Every salad bar is different, but some protein sources that you may expect to find are grilled chicken, tuna fish and tofu.

Get Dressing on the Side

It can be difficult to gauge the appropriate amount of dressing to add to a salad. A good way to avoid ending up with a dish that’s either drenched or dry is to fill a small bowl or cup with your preferred dressing and pour it onto the salad as you eat.

For dieters and those with small appetites, the salad bar can be a delightful lunch or dinner option. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and enjoy your meal!

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