Trouble Overhead? Know When To Repair and When To Replace Your Damaged Roof

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The comfort that comes with having a roof over your head is more than just a cliché. Not only does a well-maintained roof provide you with shelter and safety, but it can also improve the curb appeal of your home and increase its value. If you’ve got trouble literally hanging over your head due to a damaged roof, seek the advice of a roofing expert to determine if you should repair or replace.

Check Out Your Roof

Leaks, holes, standing water, broken or missing shingles, bad gutters and tree damage are just some of the problems that can send you running to a roof repair Smyrna GA specialist. Even if you don’t have obvious damage, you should your roof inspected regularly by a trusted professional so you can address minor concerns long before they become major problems.

Don’t Discount the Patch

Not every repair is a major project that will break the bank. Patching a small area of loose, missing or bent shingles can be a simple fix that protects your roof and instantly improves its appearance. Simple gutter realignment may prevent water from backing up and pooling on your roof, nipping potentially serious problems in the bud. Even a small, isolated leak can be repaired at minimal cost.

Pay Attention To Time

At some point, roof replacement is inevitable. Water from rain, snow melts and errant sprinklers can cause tremendous damage if allowed to seep beneath the shingles, bringing the potential for leaks and mold into your home. Storm damage, such as that caused by hail or heavy winds, can decimate the sturdiest of roofs. Even years of daily sun exposure can decay and warp your shingles beyond what a basic repair can fix.

In some cases, the wisest choice may be to replace your entire roof. When the damage is extensive, engaging in piecemeal repairs may result in costlier trouble over time.

For peace of mind, always consult with a trusted roofing professional when you’ve got trouble overhead. Whether you’re advised to repair or replace, an expert should always have you covered.

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