Teach Young Kids How To Be Compassionate

Photo credit: @timmarshall from Unsplash.com

It is said that more and more young kids are getting exposed to the bad effects of social media. They can now access videos that are not supposed to be seen. They hear violence in music. And they even watch it on the TV. And some get to play them on the computer of gaming consoles. So, they get to live what they see in role-playing-games. These are all not conducive to fostering good values for young kids. And sometimes, it is even worse for some because kids see these things in their very own homes. Nothing has been spared for the children, not even their youth.

Compassion is is the feeling of sympathy for others. It is having consideration of other’s sufferings or misfortunes. With the advent of technology, changing of lifestyles, exposure to violence and terrorism around the world, our children are practically living in a world where it is getting very common to see many rifts on beliefs, chaos on politics, and even Mother Nature gets in the way and shows its wrath.

It is during these trying times when we need to teach our children compassion towards people, animals, and nature all the more.

Take them to volunteer work

This is a good exposure to young children. It will give them a better understanding of what they can contribute to the betterment of someone in their own little ways. It can be wrapping sandwiches in a food back, or sorting clothes donated to be given to the indigents of other communities. Helping your little kid to start young with volunteer work will help develop a sense of respect to others regardless of their status in society.

Teach them to garden and care for the plants

Photo credit: @annaelizaearl from Unsplash.com

Gardening entails a lot of nurturing to help a plant grow. And this is exactly what young kids will learn if they start gardening. They will see plants as another being that they are responsible to care, and tend for to enable to live. Aside from the nurturing aspect being developed, your child will also become physically strong by toiling, and will also help develop their love for plants.

Give them a pet

Photo credit: @amjay_7 from Unsplash.com

Having a pet is a big responsibility and you can share that to your kids. Help them become more responsible by taking turns in caring for a pet. That means, they can be given a task to clean the feeding bowls, and replace the water daily. You can ask them to help in grooming the pet, or teach the pet some tricks. This will help them to bond with their pet and feel that they are also responsible for the well-being of another creature.

Visit the orphanage and retirement homes

Take your kids to retirement homes and help them interact with the seniors. They can even have a nice story-telling sessions with the elders or help with arts and crafts. Another way to teach them compassion is to take them to an orphanage home. They will see children their same age and explain to them how important it is to respect everybody and be appreciate of what they have. This will teach them empathy, understanding, and modesty.

Write to the sick in the hospital to comfort them

One way to developing empathy is to teach your kids to write to the patients in your nearby hospital or if you have family member or friends who needed cheering up. Expressing their desire to cheer someone up is a good way to foster compassion.

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