Support a Senior Friend or Family Member

Senior citizens hold so much value for so many. They are the grandparents, the mentors, the counselors that the younger generations have learned from and that have shaped their lives. When they begin losing their ability to take care of themselves it falls to that younger generation to make sure they are cared for and happy, but how is that to be done?

Make Sure They are Safe

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When the elderly begin to lose strength and balance, they likely have to give up driving and may need trouble with dressing or bathing. Sometimes memory care is required and they may need help with their medications. Assisted living facilities can be a real asset when it comes to caring for their needs. Check into the senior assisted living Fall River families choose for their elderly loved ones.  

Keep Them Company

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Loneliness is a huge problem among the elderly. Visit as often as you can and stay for more than a few minutes. Play a game, read the paper, or take them for a walk. It can really get them through a long dry spell of no visitors if you give them a good amount of your time.

Don’t Forget the Extras

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Help your loved ones keep their dignity by paying attention to the little details that may not be attended to otherwise. Take them for a nice haircut or style. Women like to have their hair colored, so a trip to their favorite stylist can be a big boost to their morale. If they are up to it a manicure or pedicure can not only elevate their mood but can also be a health boost as they can help stave off ingrown nails, fungus or other problems that old fingers and toes can encounter.  

Remember that you too will someday be a senior citizen. They say what goes around comes around, so invest yourself in taking care of your elderly loved ones.

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