Common Uses for DC Motors

DC motors use direct electrical current to power the rotation in the motor. The DC motor is widely used because of its simplicity in powering objects. These motors are used in a variety of applications from grooming tools to kid toys.


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Using DC motors Toledo OH businesses can power their mixers, conveyor belts and extruders. These pieces of equipment benefit from the full torque of the motor achieved at low speeds. This torque can constantly apply to allow the equipment to function for long periods of time. Manufacturers and grocery stores rely on conveyor belts which start and stop. The DC motor can handle adjustable speeds with ease.


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Elevators benefit from the low-speed full-torque of DC motors. Without elevators, many tall buildings would not run efficiently. In fact, some taller skyscrapers such as those in New York and Dubai would not be possible. The elevator makes multi-storied buildings a reality. Few people could climb that many stairs daily or move large objects up floors without the benefit of an elevator.


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The small size many DC motors are makes them handy for use in a variety of children’s toys. Powered by batteries, these small motors power toys such as remote-controlled cars, train sets and build-your-own kits. Sewing machines for kids use these handy motors to power the machine even with only a few stitches programmed into the system. The simplicity of the motor allows it to be only the size of a dime perfect for just about any toy.


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Recreational vehicles use a variety of DC motors. These handy motors operate the windows, stabilizers for pull-outs and motorized straps. The speed regulation achieved by the motors makes them ideal for these types of applications. Many steadfast RV users enjoy using these motors though often they are unaware of the variety onboard their campers. With so many uses, it is no wonder that DC motors are popular.

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