A Quickstart Guide for Homeschooling

Photo credit: @awcreative from Unsplash.com

Homeschooling can be a rewarding venture for a parent and child when done effectively. There must be structure, routine, and some fun thrown in. The benefit of homeschooling is that there is more flexibility; with that, though, you must have more self-discipline. If you are considering this route for you and your child, consider the following steps to make starting your homeschool class as easy as possible.

1. Choose a Curriculum

It is essential that you choose a curriculum that you and your child feel comfortable with. This can be one that you design from multiple sources, or you can strictly follow one path. Be sure that you have a strong outline for what you will do in each core subject (math, science, history, reading and language), and also have some electives that your child can enjoy.

2. Buy Basic Supplies

Look for school supply sales throughout the year. You will need to stock up on the basics like pencils, paper, crayons and folders. Depending on what homeschool style you choose, you may need other special supplies like Montessori math materials

3. Set a Schedule

It can be easy to get too lax on a school schedule when you are having school at home every day. However, it is important that you get started and end relatively the same time every day. This reinforces more responsibility for your child, as he or she has to learn to get ready on time every day. It can help them with time management skills and keep your family’s activities on track. 

Every homeschool household is different, and it is important that you choose what works best for your family. For those considering this route of education, consider these tips for making it a successful venture for everyone involved. It can be a fun ride for the whole family.

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