Remodeling a Building For Your Business

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Your business has outgrown the space it is in and you are looking for a location that is larger. While you can build a new facility, there are many existing buildings that can be remodeled to suit your needs. Here are a few steps you should take to get started on construction.

Check the Regulations

Before the commercial construction lexington ky can begin, research the regulations for the building you are considering. Determine the occupancy of the space and compare it to the size of your staff to ensure that they all will fit with your clients included. Hire an inspector to look into any violations your structure may already have or repairs that will need to be completed before renovations can begin. If the property still works for the expansion you are planning, put an offer in to purchase it. 

Apply For Permits

Once your purchase is final, make a trip to your community building department to apply for the permits to begin construction. Add the price of these applications to your budget because they can be expensive. Ensure that your property is in the correct zone for your type of business. Make sure you do these steps several weeks before you break ground so that they will arrive on time. 

Hire Experts

Ask for bids on plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople and choose those that meet your budget and the requirements you have set on your project. Request proof that they are licensed and insured before you have them begin. Also, record when they will be working and let everyone involved know the schedule in the event someone needs to reschedule their work. If there is a change, forward that alteration on to the contractor and the rest of the crew. You should also hire a designer to organize how the interior of your business will appear. 

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