Maintenance Checklists for Multi-Story Department Stores

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

Department stores have not completely gone out of fashion. Each store has some standard maintenance needs that need at minimum an annual check. Here are a few things to place on your maintenance checklist.


Many department stores use escalators to allow easy access to multiple floors. An escalator repair Washington DC company can help repair or replace any parts. Many can also help your business stay on top of maintenance. After all, these pieces of machinery make getting around your store easier. Customers who are not inconvenienced may buy more than those who feel inconvenienced because the upper floors are inaccessible.


Signs help customers navigate within your store. Beyond fully rearranging the store, annually checking the various signs throughout the building can ensure customers can find what they are looking for. Check the signs that hover near registers, hang above walkways and stand near displays. During the inspection, double-check any exterior signs to ensure they do not need repair or replacement.


Every store has a variety of hardware that is often overlooked unless it breaks. The most common hardware items are doorknobs and locks. Not only should the key glide easily into the lock, but the lock mechanism should move with ease. The knob should turn with ease and any handles should remain firmly attached to doors. Door locks keep out criminals and ensure bathrooms are safe for patrons to use. Make checking these items and other hardware parts of your semi-annual or annual maintenance checklist.


Not only do lightbulbs go out over time, but the fixtures themselves need replacement after a while. The lights may no longer provide adequate lighting to highlight your merchandise. These are great opportunities to rethink the lights and possibly replace them altogether. A bright and clean store invites customers to shop and spend their money at your establishment. These are but a few of the many items you should regularly maintain.

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