Tips In Cleaning Your Winter Garments and Accessories

You must be very excited to see the end of winter as it is just a few weeks from now. But don’t just keep your gloves, boots, jackets, beanies, and shawls just yet! You may not be aware of how to properly store them so you can prolong their life and keep them dry all throughout the year, until the time you need them again.

Many people may just stash the winter vest and other gear without even cleaning them before storage. Imagine the amount of beating your winter garments and accessories have received being exposed to the harsh elements of nature.

There are proper ways to clean them so you can ensure their durability will last longer. And here are helpful tips:

Wash or send to the professional cleaners

Photo credit: by Thom Holmes

If your hoodie, jackets, bonnets, gloves, winter socks, and other winter garments require professional cleaning then have them cleaned before you store them. Doing so will keep your winter clothes and accessories clean and smelling fresh for their next use.

Clean your boots

Photo by Arūnas Naujokas on Unsplash

Brush off any soil, salt, and dust from your boots. If you have been wearing your snow boots, then make sure they are cleaned and dried thoroughly so they will not smell musty or even get molds. You can use DryGuy Force Dry DX to dry your boots and even your thick winter socks. You can get the drier from Cozy Winters.

Hand wash knitted shawls, scarves or sweaters

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Do not use harsh detergent when washing them. You may use liquid washing detergent used for infant’s clothes or for those with sensitive skin. Add a few drops of fabric softener to keep them soft and smelling fresh after they are dried. Fold them nicely and store them in your drawer or where there is a nice circulation so your garments won’t turn yellowish.

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