Trendy iPhone Case from i-Blason

I usually don’t buy trendy cases since I am okay with a plain or transparent case to protect my mobile phone. However, this year, I want to update the look of my iPhone by enhancing its appearance by way of trendy iPhone cases.

My transparent phone case is already turning a bit yellowish so I really feel it’s time to update.

I found some cute and really fashionable cases that I think will be suited for my personality. Aside from loving pink hues with a touch of gold, I also like marbled look. So I am so happy finding this iPhone XS Max case from i-Blason.

I found 2 pink with gold lines that I really like among the many i-blason phone cases they have in the site. I am leaning towards Cosmo and Cosmo Lite. However, I feel that the Cosmo will be a good fit for my style and preference since I want the screen of my phone to be protected as well.

This is Cosmo and priced at $25.
I like the Built-in Screen protector of Cosmo.

Above photo is Cosmo Lite at $19 only. But it does not have the screen protector that I like. However, it has the same impact resistance bumper just like Cosmo. So, my phone will still be protected in case it slips from my hand or I drop it by accident.

There are more designs available in i-Blason for like smartphone covers for other brands. The site also carries the same design I like with a snap at the back for only $22! But I prefer these two. I might just purchase the Cosmo since it ticks all my preference when it comes to style, design, and protection for my mobile phone.

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