How To Wash Your Activewear

Washing activewear requires a little more thought and attention than your usual clothing. This is because you’ve used the items to exercise in. The result is that you’ve sweat into the clothes and sweat encourages bacteria growth, that’s the primary cause of body odors, not the actual sweat.

If you don’t wash the activewear properly the bacteria and sweat will stay, making the item smell. In addition, activewear often has a special coating which helps to remove moisture while exercising. Choosing a detergent specially made for activewear will help preserve the elasticity of performance fabrics and help remove sweat and odor.

Cold Water

Hand washing is probably the best option for your activewear but, you’re unlikely to have the time for that. You’re probably already struggling to find the time to exercise! Instead of washing by hand, drop your activewear into the machine and wash it on the delicate cycle. This is actually the cold cycle; cold water is effective at removing the bacteria and sweat, without damaging the material.

Add a small amount of the above fabric care product, but remember not to overdo it. 

The delicate, or cold water cycle, spin slower, reducing the chance of damaging the article. You may also already know that hit water shrinks spandex and some other activewear materials. That’s not going to be good next time you try to put it on!

Do It Inside Out

The inside of your activewear garments is the dirtiest part because it’s this side of the material that’s in contact with your skin. To make sure the detergent and cold water can do their job properly, turn the garment inside out before washing. It will help.

Consider a Washing Bag

If you’re planning on washing your activewear with other items of clothing it is a good idea to put the activewear in a mesh washing bag. This will prevent the activewear from being snagged by zippers and Velcro, which has the potential to run your activewear, leaving you needing to replace them.

Never Use Bleach

It’s best just to use a little of the above fabric care products and nothing else, using excessive detergents will mean they are more likely to remain stuck to your clothes. This will reduce their efficiency at removing sweat and maybe irritable to your body when you wear them.

Even more important is that you should never use bleach on your activewear. It will cause discoloration and it also destroys elasticity, making your snug-fitting spandex rather loose and certainly not suitable for sport.

Try Naturally

The best way to preserve the moisture removing qualities of your activewear is to allow the item to dry naturally. You can simply hang it because creases will fall out as soon as you put it on. The heat from your dryer can cause your garment to change shape or affect its ability to remove moisture, waiting a little longer for it to dry is worthwhile.

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