How to Ensure Your Construction Site is the Safest it Can Be

Construction site safety is an issue often overlooked by everyday people. However, for the people that work those construction sites, safety is a HUGE thing that should be addressed over and over again on a regular basis. If you’re a foreman, or in the slightest charge of workers on a construction site, like a team for roof repair Beaverton OR, you understand the importance of adherence to safety regulations.

Here are a few ways to ensure and enforce the utmost safety on your construction site.

Safety Should Be a Top-Notch Number-One Priority for Everyone on the Construction Site

Teach safety. Then teach it again. Never stop teaching and learning about how to make the construction site safer. It’s your responsibility to let everyone know what they need to do to maintain a safe site, as well as what they should do in cases of emergencies. But it’s their job to adhere to those guidelines. Safety on a construction site is 100-percent an all-in effort. Make sure your workers understand that.

Reward Accident-Free Days

Keep Count with a Tally that Everyone Contributes To How about free pizza and beer at your place when you reach 100 days accident-free? Establish guidelines for accident-free days and then reward your crew. Use a dry-erase board to keep a running tally on accident-free days so everyone can contribute.

Perform Daily Inspections with Triple Checks to Ensure Safety Throughout the Workday

Safety should be something you are constantly aware of on a construction site. So, do three checks, or more, on a daily basis to ensure you and your crew are following procedures at all times.

Brush Up on New Tool Safety Materials ASAP, Then Pass it On with the Expectations for Your Workers to Do the Same

New tools and equipment are regulars on a construction site; therefore, to be on top of safety procedures, you and your crew should work on getting to know the ins-and-outs of each tool the moment it hits your construction site. Take turns doing research, then pass it on to other workers. That’s what those instruction pamphlets are for.

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