Our Money Saving Goals 2018

We’re almost done with the first month of 2018. Looking back to how my finances were at the start of 2017 to how it is now at the beginning of 2018, I think there has been a major improvement.

I am still nowhere close to my goal of fully paying my 2 credit cards left but I am definitely progressing in getting it done in the future. I just have to stick to a rigid savings plan this 2018.

I have cancelled plenty of travel plans for this year and keeping those that will not burn a whole in my pocket, meaning, to go to places where we have family and friends so we can save on accommodation.

We have stopped shopping weekly for our grocery needs. We buy what we can prepare in two weeks’ time so that we don’t have to go on a weekly trip only to double our purchases for the coming weeks.

Many adjustments have been done in our spending habits. We don’t go to the malls as often as we did before even when there were major sales happening. We decided to make do of what we have and update things that are only necessary when the need arise.

So, it is not very easy to tweak our lifestyle to give way to the more important aspects in our lives, like a comfortable life without being too lavish, healthy way of living to prevent illnesses, and a well-funded accounts to ensure our future.

Below is a good guideline to note if you’re trying to save this year. Earnest is a perfect way to consolidate credit card debt by applying for a personal loan. The penny pinching may “pinch” (pun intended) you for a while if you’re used to burning cash like there’s no tomorrow. A little bit of belt-tightening and allocating resources is sometimes necessary to achieve your money-saving goals.


Happy savings!

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