Life Hacks for Reorganizing Your Home

Running a household is everything but easy and, for some families, there’s often just too much mess for normal living. And every year, as we make our New Year’s resolutions, we vow to be more tidy, clean and all-around better organized. But there is no hope of a more organized life if you don’t change anything around your house, because your mind will always reflect your surroundings. So here are some tips to help you make your home a better, cleaner place to live.


Our home libraries are often cluttered with things that deserve no space: books that we read once and never intend to read again, decorative figurines and plenty of dust. Go through all of the books and donate the ones you don’t need to your local library, or organize an exchange with friends.

After you clear out the books, get to the décor: don’t keep anything that doesn’t add to the style of the room and that isn’t important to your family. If you have pictures that are taking up the space, see if you can hang them somewhere on a wall.

Finally, leave some empty space. A bookshelf with around 5% of empty space will look the best. Having an organized bookshelf will instantly make the room look more spacious and clean.


The place where all the mess is left in the dark behind a closed door. Well, that is over, and it’s time to get it organized.

Use a hanging shoe organizer on the inside of the door for snacks, jars, and other items that usually don’t have a designated spot. Clear, plastic containers are perfect for flower, sugar and other loose supplies, because you will clearly see what is inside.

You can also create custom labels for the containers, and get a LetraTag label maker refill to make more when you run out. Metal wire file organizers are perfect storage for potatoes, onions and other bulky fruit and veg. Deep drawers that will fit underneath your pantry shelves are perfect for easy access in those tough spaces.


In the bathroom, baskets are your best friend. Place one basket in the shower or on the edge of the tub and fill it with the necessities.

If you have cupboards, place rotating organizers so you can easily reach the things in the back. Repurpose old wooden crates as shelves for a vintage look and extra storage space. Roll up your towels instead of folding them to make it look more classy.

Use round containers with lids to store your makeup brushes so that they don’t get dusty. Sew non-slip strips to the bottoms of the floor mats to make sure they don’t slide around the bathroom. Wipe down the tiles around the shower after you’re done to prevent water stains.


If you have shelves, try using a folding template so that all of your clothes will be folded to the same dimensions. If you have drawers, roll your clothes up so that you can clearly see everything you have, and as an added bonus, they will wrinkle far less. For hanging storage, make sure all of your hangers are the same, because a variety of hangers can make the wardrobe look messy and clunky.

If you feel like you need more hanging space, consider installing a second rail beneath the first one, or use an S-hook to put two hangers together. If you have space beneath your hanging clothing that is messy or empty, put low, plastic shelves inside, or install a shoe rail (in this case, make sure that you don’t put any dirty shoes there, because they can spread the smell onto the rest of your clothes).

To stay organized, you can try following the “one touch rule”. It means that you should only touch each item once: when you take your jacket off, you put it in its place right away, instead of putting in on a chair first, and then touching it again to move it. Remember that keeping a house organized is not about time – it’s about habits. So teach yourself to pay attention to the little things and put everything back in its place (labels and baskets are a great help with this). Make it a resolution for everyone in the house, and you will be living a more organized life in no time!


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