Designing a Transitional Bedroom

There’s no other feeling quite like the one you have when you begin decorating a nursery. You want every detail to be perfect. Your baby’s safety and comfort are at the forefront of your mind. You also want the room to be aesthetically appealing. Quicker than you can imagine, your baby will be a curious little toddler, a young child and then a teenager. With that thought in mind, you may want to consider ways to transition the nursery you lovingly created into a fun kid’s room and a functional room for a teenager.

Designing a Child’s Bedroom

A child’s room should have some free floor space and wall space. Choosing a bunk bed for their room is one way to free up some floor space. Kids need a play area in their room. A large rug can be used to define that space. Walls that aren’t covered with furniture pieces are a great space for personalizing the décor. Wall words or decals, pictures, a chalkboard or various other decorative elements can be included that reflect your child’s interests and personality. Typically, young children like bold colors. When designing a child’s bedroom, it’s best to invest in a few items of furniture that can remain a part of the décor as your child matures and select accessories that can easily and affordably be changed as your child’s personality and interests change.

Designing a Teenager’s Bedroom

Bunk beds are not just for young children. Phoenix area furniture stores have numerous bunk bed designs that are ideal for a teenager’s bedroom. A bed and desk combination is a great design young children and teens. Daybeds are also a popular option for a teenager’s room. These two options leave more space available for the addition of a bookcase or an additional chest of drawers. Teens often like to have a sitting area in their bedroom. It’s important to let teens personalize their room as they wish even if their choices differ from your ideas, and most likely they will.

When it comes to children and teens, it’s best to relax the décor rules so that their personality can be reflected in the décor. When they move out you can transform the room into your dream guest bedroom, office or whatever type of room you desire.

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