Portable Loooqs Universal Smartphone LED Flash Light for Awesome Selfies

Let’s all admit it, the “selfie” fever has taken a bite on us whether we want to acknowledge it or not. I am not one to pose endlessly for selfies but I do engage in taking nice selfies to post in my social accounts, especially for my travel blog and channels. Of course, for my family and friends to be updated with what’s the latest happening in my life and how I look like currently.

I am not very good at selfie. I don’t take long thoughts on which pose is best or what to post amongst the many pictures I have taken just to look good. However, I am very particular with lighting and exposure since I usually post my selfies in my blogs and social channels that are related to my blogs.  So, the Loooqs Universal Smartphone LED Flash Light from MobileFun.com is something I am keen to have and take along on my travels.

Loooqs Universal Smartphone LED Flash Light is very compact, as in tiny enough to fit even your vest pocket. I can actually fit it in my small beauty pouch to carry with me everywhere I go. It is very lightweight too. I think my pressed powder is heavier than this cute flashlight for selfies.

This portable (and very cute!) LED flashlight is perfect for those precious selfies you need to have and post. It gives off right illumination to improve photos that are taken in darker environment. I like this gadget a lot because it is also easy to operate. It has a small switch to power on and off just by flicking it. It can also be charged using the USB cable that goes with the LED flashlight. Since it is a very tiny gadget which utilizes small power, it does not feed off power form your laptop or any source of charge.

(The four small LED lights are also perfect when illuminating a room!)



I know, most smartphones now have built in flash that can also be used to illuminate while taking photos. However, it can drain much of your phones battery too and this Loooqs Univeral Smartphone LED Flash Light does not eat much power. I also noticed that when I am taking a selfie using the front camera of my iPhone, the photo is a bit grainy even when there is suitable light around. Imagine a grainer snap with a darker surrounding. So, this LED flashlight really helps in improving the quality of my selfies.

This LED flashlight is usable to both iOS and Android phones. It has an universal jack that can fit the earphone socket.

Will I use this frequently? You bet! I know that this small and portable LED flashlight will be perfect for my travels as well especially when taking nice selfies in beautiful places even at dusk.

You can buy the Loooqs Univeral Smartphone LED Flash Light  at www.MobileFun.com.


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