Locate Your Stuff With TrackR atlas

Are you tired of losing things and cannot find them?  How about misplacing things only to find them when you don’t need them anymore?

Now, there’s a solution for that! Modern technology has helped “forgetful” people like myself in locating things that are regularly lost like keys, gadgets, cordless phones, you name it. TrackR atlas is a device and an app that will help you locate things at home and even monitor where those things go!

For more info, check out: http://bst.is/bHd3W8



Isn’t this neat?


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29 thoughts on “Locate Your Stuff With TrackR atlas

  1. Elizabeth O.

    This is really awesome and helpful! I love the idea of using an app to find your stuff, instead of wandering around the house like a lost puppy. Lol.

    1. Mommy Ria Post author

      Lol! :) You’re not the only one. Although I only lose keys but my hubby and daughter, oh my. I am the “trackR” at home. :)

    1. Mommy Ria Post author

      It is interesting and still in the project stage. I hope to see this well-funded so I can get some for my regular stuff I keep losing or misplacing. :)


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