Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch With Your Family At Home

Weekends are great times to spend with the family. The short respite from the office world is definitely a breath of fresh air for most working people. The weekends are not long so spending time with the family and doing fun stuff is a great way to maximize the quality time spent with them.

Watching movies at home is a great way to spend quality time with the family. And going out to the movies these days can be costly too. One way to enjoy a quiet time at home with your family is to watch your favorite movies at home instead.

Netflix is a good place to get all those movies to watch with your families. I have rounded up top 5 movies that I think is awesome to be watched by the entire family members, and you can include your fur babies too!

Monsters University


Monsters are supposed to be scary creatures. They are not in this lovely and comedic animation of Monsters University Netflix. Who can get spooky with the witty Mike and his fuzzy, big buddy Sully? Kids will surely enjoy this movie. They will learn about overcoming fears, loyalty, standing by your friends, and even learning a thing or two about honesty.


The Karate Kid

This movie will certainly inspire young kids and the whole family. It is about overcoming adversity no matter how big they are as long as you believe in yourself. I have watched this movie many times while I was younger. I have learned many things about this movie as it taught me to follow my dreams with passion, to build up confidence, and to instil discipline even at a young age.

The kids will surely learn all those values when they watch this movie, and allow them to even learn a thing or two about karate-do.


Freaky Friday

It does not matter whether you watch the classic version starred by none other than Jodie Foster or the remake done by Lindsay Lohan, both movies are entertaining and funny. It is all about the switching of places between a mother, and a daughter and learning how each other’s lives evolve.  Makes you think of the famous quote, “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

Kids will find this movie entertaining as they watch how a mom and daughter switch places and get to understand more about each other’s lives. I wanted to hug my mom after watching this movie.


Beauty and the Beast


This is an animation movie that I love watching over and over with my family. I am not sure if they share the same sentiment. This animated movie adaption of the classic Beauty and The Beast fairy tale written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot is about a beautiful lady’s dream to marry a prince. Instead, she had to sacrifice herself to the beast in order to save her father.

The story gives viewers the message that what is inside that matters and that beauty is not skin-deep. This will be a good movie to watch so the young ones will appreciate beauty not in a shallow manner.


The Sound Of Music


This movie never gets old! The younger generation needs to learn more about the classic movies of the past. This movie has won many awards, and it is not a surprise that this movie will go on as long as we share it to the young ones.

So many songs are sung in this movie, and this will allow you to let your kids sing along and learn many things about this movie. They may even find it surprising that one of the practice pieces I used to play in piano is in this movie, Do-Re-Mi!


I am sure there are more movies in Netflix that are great fit to the whole family on a weekend movie marathon. You can always check out Netflix’s many upcoming titles to see what you can add in your next weekend’s family movie time!

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