Choosing The Right Doggie Day Care For Your Pooch

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Deciding to leave your pooch at a doggie day care Miami can be a difficult decision. After all, I’m sure you would rather stay home with your four legged friend. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Thankfully, there are wonderful doggie day cares, such as, that will give your furry friend a safe and fun home away from home. The following tips will help ensure you find the right day care for your best friend.

Questions to Ask
There are some basic questions that you should ask the day care before you make a commitment. These questions include:

• What is the dog to human ratio?
• How does the staff handle dog fights?
• What training has the staff undergone?
• Are there certified dog trainers on hand? If so, are they on staff throughout the day?
• What breeds does the day care accept?
• What is their disciplinary actions?

Avoid day cares that avoid answering your questions. A trusted, well-respected day care will be more than happy to answer any and all of questions. They know how important your dog is and want their clients to know their furry family member will be safe and in good hands while at the day care.

The staff at the day care should never leave the dogs only, not even for one minute. No matter how well behaved dogs are, they are still animals and can act out of character in a snap of a finger. If the day care is not properly staffed, the dogs could end up alone if an emergency occurs.

Doggie Day Care Dos
• Visit the facility before making your final choice
• Research each day care you are considering
• Ask questions

Doggie Day Care Don’ts
• Use day cares that have untrained staff
• Use day cares that are understaffed
• Board your dog if it doesn’t met certain requirements, such as having all the required vaccinations
• Overlook the emotions your dog has towards the day care

If your dog seems unhappy or fearful going to the day care, it could be a sign that he or she doesn’t want to stay at that particular facility. Despite how amazing the day care seems, your pooch should have the final say in determining which day care you choose.

Choosing the right doggie day care is like picking the best school for your child. You must research your options, ask questions and read reviews.

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