Spring Decors For Your Garden

It may still be frigid in most parts of Northern Hemisphere but do not let that hamper your spirit in welcoming the thought of  the burgeoning of spring.

March 8 is the official start of Spring season in the farmer’s almanac. However, we all know that with the continuous pounding of snow storm in the US and other parts of the northern continents, spring may still come a bit later.

Whether spring comes late or on time this year, make use of the time you are stuck at home to think of ways to beautify your garden with spring decors. Here are some nifty ideas to consider to make spring 2015 ultra fabulous!



(Photo credit: pinterest.com)

If you have old shovels and other garden tools in your shed or are not in use, simply use them as your accessories to add some spring decor touch near your porch or wherever there is a blank wall that needs some decor. Liven up that space with simple gatherings of flowering plants, cute lanterns and other figurines depicting spring.



(Photo credit: edecor.com)

Do you have an old wagon, a crate or even a wooden barrel that you can use to up-cycle? Then convert them into lovely containers of flowering plants, bulbs and other small plants to signify spring. Add several terracotta pots in various shapes and sizes to add more earthiness to the scene.


New flowers spring 10

(Photo credit: thegableswi.blogspot.com)
Are you crafty? Any spare saucers and teacups you can use to convert to spring decors and even pinwheels?  Just secure them together or drill holes and attach with a sturdy nut and bolt against a long wood or pole and place along shrubs and flowery bushes for a more whimsical feel. You can also buy pinwheels like the one below and spread all over your garden.


 In the Breeze 24 Petal Triple Wheel Flower Garden Spinner


Add little figurines in some areas of your garden and they can certainly make your space interesting and lively. Use fairy villages or small houses like the one below:


Fiddlehead Fairy Village – Fairy Garden Mushroom Tavern House


(Photo credit: raveandreview.com)


spring-fence-decorating-ideas-garden (1)


(Photo credit: ideashomegarden.com)


Paint your pots with lively colors of spring like pastel green, yellow, pink, sky blue and other colors that show the nature of spring like the picture above.


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