DIY Backyard Paradise

Creating your very own backyard paradise with your own two hands is actually a very rewarding exercise. Building something yourself from scratch is always immensely satisfying and it keeps the mind and body active. But with something as big as a backyard DIY project, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Outdoor Furniture

If an entertaining area is a must, you’ll need to ensure that it’s properly kitted out. Outdoor furniture, especially when buying from large retailers like Super Amart Australia, comes in all sizes, shapes and styles, so it’s important that each piece is in keeping with your aesthetic. One way to achieve this is by going with an outdoor suite; this will usually include a table, chairs, and possibly other matching odds and ends that will help tie the area together.

Things to Consider

All of that thought and planning is for naught, however, if you don’t yet know what sort of outdoor area you’d like to create. Will you be entertaining? Or will you be creating a kind of outdoor room just for yourself to relax in? Are you building your area around an existing structure, like a pool? Once you know the answer to questions like these, then your work can really begin.

Garden Decoration

This could be a great opportunity to beautify your garden! Consider flowering or colourful plants, a nice new shed, or maybe even the addition of a decorative garden path. All of these things are quite reasonably priced, are easy to install yourself, are attention-grabbing, and can really create a different atmosphere in the yard. Maybe create a path using stones or decorative tiles and throw in a loop-de-loop as it winds its way to the clothes line.

Grow Your Own

Another great option for a DIY project is a veggie patch or two. Urban farming is all the rage these days with people choosing to grow their own vegetables rather than spend money at the supermarket. If space is an issue, grow herbs instead! They take up a fraction of the room and don’t require as much TLC as some plants and vegetables. Veggie patches themselves are extremely cheap and easy to build as well.


How’s your lawn looking? Could it use a going over amongst all of this change and improvement? If you know what you’re doing you can always tear up the grass and scatter seedlings to grow the precise kind you’re after, but if you’re keen to get started right away you can always look at turf as an option. Though it lies at the “more difficult” end of the DIY spectrum, for the particularly handy, turf’s a fast, effective way to make your lawn look amazing.

Hopefully you’ve got a few ideas now and are ready to get started! Turning your backyard into your own personal paradise is all in the planning and execution. Get a few knowledgeable friends to help you out if you aren’t too sure how to accomplish a particular task or jump online and search for in-depth tutorials. What are your top tips for backyard DIY? Leave a comment below.


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