Types Of Christmas Tree Toppers

A Christmas Tree is one of the staples in decorations during the holiday season. It is fun to decorate the Christmas Tree with baubles, ribbons, bells, ornaments, tiny lights, sparkles and many more. However, it will not be complete without the topper.

The Christmas Tree Topper is the ultimate finisher of the decorated tree. It adds drama and beauty to the already decked tree; thus, making it more lively, interesting and entertaining.

Here are the types of Christmas Tree Toppers you can choose to cap of your decorated tree (no pun intended).


This is the most common Christmas Tree topper of all time. Some of the star toppers are affixed with LED lights to make it twinkle like the real stars. Others are shiny and golden, while some are dusted with silver, gold or other colorful glitters for that added shimmer. Some stars are made of plastic with a hollow cap on the bottom which will be used to secure on the top-most part of the tree. Others are made of metal wires with coiled bottom and others are light glass.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)



(photo credit: artificialchristmastrees.me)


One of the beautiful choice of Christmas Tree toppers is the Angel. It is very lovely to place on top of the Christmas Tree and the angel’s flowing garment serves as the cap to secure its place on top of the tree.


(photo credit: houzz.com)



(photo credit: thetreetopper.com)


The bow is the easiest to put on the Christmas Tree because all you require is a long and wide piece of bow to tie on the top of the tree. You can put one or plenty to have that dramatic effect, making your Christmas Tree pop with colors and dimension.


(photo credit: bhg.com)


(photo credit: etsy.com)


These are long toppers with baubles in the middle and pointy tip.  Imagine a Christmas skewer of baubles and that is how your ornament topper will look like. However, due to the creativity of many, ornament toppers may vary from the conventional baubles to different shapes and styles of toppers.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)


(photo credit: xmas-world.com)


Which one is your choice? I am leaning to the angel topper. I just find them so dainty.

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