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It is very important to regularly maintain your carpets so that they can have a longer life and remain free of dangerous materials for your health. If you don’t take care of your carpets, then mites, dust, and bacteria can build up in your carpets, causing those living around your carpet to get sick. Also, carpets that are not properly taken care of can wear out faster than they are supposed to, requiring you to replace them earlier than is necessary. If you want to avoid these consequences, here are some tips on how to take care of your carpet in Tempe, AZ.

Maintaining Your Carpet

First, regular vacuuming is very important in keeping your carpets clean. Chances are, you are not vacuuming your carpets enough; many  people don’t know that experts recommend vacuuming your carpets at least once a week. Areas of the carpet that see more traffic should actually be vacuumed twice a week or even once a day, depending on the amount of use. Next, regularly having your carpet cleaned is also important in proper carpet care. While vacuuming pulls out a lot of the dirt, dust, and other particles on the higher levels of your carpet, professional cleaning is necessary to get your carpets cleaned deep down. Cheaper-quality carpet shouldn’t be cleaned as often as higher-quality carpet because cleaning breaks carpet down a little bit each time you have it cleaned. On average, though, you should clean your carpets at least once a year.

How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet?

Even when you take good care of your carpet in Tempe, AZ, replacement eventually becomes necessary. After a while, your carpet can get matted down, permanent stains can take residence on your carpet, or the padding underneath can get worn down, necessitating replacement. Also, carpets aren’t really made to last longer than 10 years, so even if you are taking care of your carpets, they still have a life limit. If you notice that your carpet has any of this kind of wearing and damage or if your carpet is over 10 years old, then it probably needs to be replaced.


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