Young Granny

Listen up people! Don’t get too riled up with my article’s title right now because it is not me. I just want to share a funny article I read in about a forty-something lady who will become a granny.

Shauna Glenn is the author of the article “Too Young For The G-Word” in She shared her insights and feelings about venturing to a new role which is normally delegated to the elderlies. I can’t help but snicker while reading her article and let a sigh of relief for myself.

My daughter is in her teens and I seriously swear, I am not ready to be a granny and I don’t want to be just too soon. I always tell my daughter how much I want to have plenty of grand kids so that whenever we have family reunions, there’ll be lots of pitter-patter of tiny feet, too much running around and that will also give me an excuse to go shopping for lots of toys for special occasions. She’ll just smile and roll her eyes in exasperation. I was assured many times by my sensible daughter that she has a long way to go before she even thinks about what I was blabbing about. Oh, thank goodness for that! She’s still a baby and I’m still a baby myself!

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