Buying The Right Sofa Bed

The sofa bed has been championing the multi-functional cause for many years and is no less valuable today, when the home design market demands both style and functionality as standard. But how do you make sure this versatile piece of furniture does both of its jobs well?

Here are a few tips on how to buy a sofa bed that ticks all the right boxes.

Firstly, measure the intended space and make sure you factor in the extra room for access, once the bed is folded out. It doesn’t hurt to research the different sofa beds, so you know what to ask in the stores and what to look for in terms of material and mechanism. The main types are the pull-out, futon and davenport.

All three types rely on a mechanism which usually involves pushing down the sofa back and/or pulling out the seating. It’s essential that you test this in store yourself, as well as watching the assistant do it, as sofa beds can vary in weight and ease of adjustment so it’s important to get one that won’t take all night to set up.

Hardwood frames are usually the most durable: look out for slat systems with webbing for good support. In terms of upholstery, options like faux-leather offer practicality and an appealing look for the main living area or there are plenty of wipe-clean alternatives for a child’s bedroom. Designs are by no means as boxy and uniform as they used to be. Comprising curved options are available, as well as armless sofa-chairs and even corner units for a decent-sized double guest-bed.

Sofa beds are often employed as a money-saving device and they are successful in this regard, but make sure you invest enough for comfort. This is where a quick lie-down in the shop comes in handy. As a piece of furniture, it will always be a compromise between a bed and a sofa, but it’s still important to aim for the best of both.

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