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I was searching in the internet for photos of beautiful houses and interiors that would go well with what I have in mind for our dream home. I stumbled upon and I love the whole site!

It is similar to Pinterest where you pin your fave photos into a board but in, you get to have your own ideabook where you can create folders or categories to keep those fave photos. The great thing about this site is that it is all about houses, home, interiors, garden, landscaping, outdoors and many more. It is a haven for home builders, contractors, interior decorators and architect alike because it is all about the home. And this site is just what I need.

Right now, I happened to find a photo that exactly describes the balcony I have in mind for the master bedroom, which is above the dining area and it is a 3-storey house as well. It is like art imitating life or in my case, my idea photographed by someone and constructed into a house.  You can get an idea of what the steel buildings will look like once they are built. I just love it! Here is the sample of the house’s side profile which I have been imagining all those time and saw it in I had another eureka moment there.        


I am beginning to see how our dream house will look like. Although I already have the whole picture in my head, it is different when you see a semblance of your idea in actuality. is surely my favourite go-to site for ideas about houses and more.

You can check out my profile at and you may also open an account for free for your future or current project.

This is not a paid promotion by I just feel like sharing the wonderful site to everyone who has plans like mine or are currently into a project but cannot seem to get the ideas they want for their homes. This is the site to visit!

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