Fun Activities During Eid

Photo by Mayank Baranwal on Unsplash

The long Eid is very much anticipated this time of the year because it is a 3-day holiday for the private sector. I am hoping that it falls on a Saturday so they give the Sunday to Tuesday as off for us.

There are plenty of fun things to do this coming Eid. If you are strapped for cash or the budget is tight to accommodate a little paid short vacation nearby then do the following things:

Hear mass. Go to church.

Have a picnic in the park. The weather is great outside here in the UAE and plenty of people will enjoy the nature tripping while having a healthy and fun activity outdoors.

Photo by Gradikaa Aggi on Unsplash

Walk your dog around the neighborhood. This activity will also help you get fit.

Go window shopping. Do resist the temptation of buying or splurging on unnecessary expenses because the goal is to just unwind. The malls may have special offers because of the Eid. Don’t bring too many cash and leave your credit cards at home.

Go to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand!

Have a movie marathon at home. Watch your favorite shows and just relax.

Invite friends over for a tea or coffee and go chit-chatting. No gossiping please!

Clean your closet and do an autumn cleaning event.

Re-arrange your furniture. Do some re-painting job on your house or simply change the curtains or bed sheets and give your house a nice overhaul without burning a hole in your pocket.

Learn a dish or two. I can benefit from this because I don’t know how to cook. This is the right time to don the apron and put out the whisks!

If in case you have a spare cash to spend, then do the following:

Book an overnight stay in any hotels out of town or if you want to stay close, in the city. I am considering this but just an overnight stay to relax.

Book a trip to Muscat. There are plenty of travel packages going around this time for Musandam in Oman. You can go on groups or with your  family.

Buy new linens for your bed.

Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

Take your pet to the groomers for a nice blow out and maybe you can book yourself a nice massage in the spa.

Have a beauty make over. Have a haircut, mani/pedi, facial, the works. Just be beautiful and relaxed.

Shop! Like I said, only if you have money to spare. There are lots of sale going on so it’s the right time to buy that much coveted shoes and bags…and makeup!

Well, here’s hoping for a very long Eid holiday this November. Whatever you plan to do on that time, just be sure that you make wise financial decision before you spend or use your hard-earned cash.

Happy Eid!!!

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