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Yoga For Your Health And Well Being

Photo credit: yahoo images

Photo credit: yahoo images

Yoga is an ancient practice where meditation, positions and breathing are vital to one’s well being and health.

Engaging in yoga is not that expensive and cumbersome unlike going to the gym and boot camp. You only need to wear proper yoga clothing, a bottle of water and a yoga mat.

This ancient practice has many benefits to one’s well being and health. To name a few:

Increasing Flexibility
Increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons
Massaging of ALL Organs of the Body
Excellent toning of the muscles
Boost body metabolism
Blood circulation
Helps improve breathing

Getting Ready for Spring Exercises

Winter has officially ended here last week. We are using the air conditioner unit again. Although the weather is bearable, it gets a bit hot midday and towards the afternoon. Anyway, spring is here and I am gearing myself to some worthy activities to do in the park while the weather is still accommodating.

The nearby park offers free yoga sessions in the evening. All I need to bring is my yoga mat because they don’t provide yoga blankets there. That is okay since the session is free so I can’t ask for more.

I tried to observe the yoga session last year. The session was intermediate but I was not sure then if I could bend like they do. Now I am more confident. Weight-wise, I still have not lost a significant amount but my tolerance level has improved immensely as I still do my regular walk at the park.

I want to welcome Spring with a positive note. I kind of slacked few weeks ago during winter because my mom and mom-in-law were here for a visit. They kept cooking nice stuff so how could you resist that? It would be a shame to miss their home-cooked meals. They are back home so I am back to my regular routine and this time, I’ll kick it up a notch!

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